Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Favourites! Beauty, Fashion + Random :)

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I have not done a favourites post for a couple of months now,  I am not too sure why I stopped, I just felt a little uninspired by them. I have tried to really narrow my favourites down, so it is more interesting for you and so I don't repeat myself too much haha. Lets get started with the beauty favourites! 


For my birthday, my friends ever so kindly gave me the Naked palette by Urban Decay. And I am in love with it! The colours are so beautiful, perfect for any occasion. They stay in place for a long time plus the pigmentation is fab. I want to do a Stila vs Urban Decay palette comparison, or just the Naked review. So comment below which one you would rather!

I have been really impressed with Revlon makeup brushes this month. I love their eyeshadow blending brush. I got one on my friends recommendation as she compared it to Mac's 217 , so for £2.99 or something, I thought why not. It fits in the crease perfectly and the hairs do not malt, which makes me very happy haha. The brush also isn't too harsh so it is lovely to use. 

For some unknown reason, I felt the need to buy yet another concealer. I absoloutely do not regret my descison (my bank balance begs to differ however) because it is amazing! I am talking about the L'Oreal True Match Concealer. I got the shade 2 Vanilla, which I intended to use as a under the eye brightening colour, but it matches my skin tone pretty well so I use it on blemishes too. The only problem I have with it is how little the product you get, but I will be repurchasing. 

Finally my last beauty favourite is my Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter. I love these a lot, but more than the formula (which is great for summer) I love the colour I got! It is called Macaroon, and it is a gorgeous pink colour. 


As it is not school I can wear my own clothes (uniform problems eh) so I have loads of fashion favourites this month! I have narrowed it down to two, and they are both from new look actually. 

The first favourite is this bandeu twist bikini. I love the royal blue, it really enhances your tan. The whole twist style bandeu is great for my (lack of) shape ha, and it fits me best. The bottoms are great as they are not like grannie pants, but they don't show off too much cheek, which makes you feel uncomfy. 
Together I think the set was around the 11 pound mark, but I am not really sure. 

I also purchased these black heels from new look. If you did not know, I went on a cruise and there are 2 formal nights, as I did not purchase a new dress for either night, my mammy treated me to some black heels. They were £22.99 and so worth it! They looked so chic and stylish. Admittedly, I could hardly walk in them, but they looked really nice on 


My first random favourite of the month is Gossip Girl. I am now on season 3 and am at the part where Chuck and Blair break up, which makes me so sad. I get far too into the show, like I hate with a passion Jack Bass, and Chuck's Mother OH MY GOD. I really like chuck (my friends also got me a cardboard cut out of him for my birthday) and its just so sad k. When I remember he is a fictional character, I feel slighlty depressed. I completely admit I have no life, but he's chuck bass! I cant even. 

This month I have really been enjoying my Skull Candy Uprock 2.0 headphones. I have never really worn proper headphones, and these look really cool and the sound is good. 

That is it for my July Favourites, I hope you enjoyed and comment/tweet/email me post ideas if you have amy ypu would like to see. Thanks a million for 60 BlogLovin followers, can we get 70 by mid August? I hope we can haha. If you want to see anything back to school related, remember use the hashtag #backtoschoolwithphoebs! 

Also I have got more emails this week from bloggers (im guessing because of my tips on blogging post) which has been really lovely so please I would love more of you to get in touch more often. 


  1. I LOVE your Chuck Bass cut-out! Much better than my Harry Styles one *cringes* Chuck looks very fiiiiiiiiine there :D Love the post x

    1. Isn't it just perfect? He does give my mother a heart attack whenever she sees him though haha. Thanks so much! Xox


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