Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Makeup Starter Kit

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I started getting into makeup when I was in year seven, and because I hadn't discovered beauty blogs and beauty videos, I made the fatal mistake of getting the cheapest makeup I could find. I am a real drugstore girl but the lower end of the drugstore can be very hit or miss. Today I am hopefully going to help some of you by creating a makeup starter kit! These are basically the products I think you need for starting out in makeup, there are of course other things but I only really want to mention things that are easy to use. Personally I now think liquid liner is an essential, however if I had purchased one as my first ever makeup product, it would not have gone well. Lets get on with the kit! If  you are curious and want to see my full makeup collection, click here , and for my full makeup brush collection, click here.

BB cream

I really think this is all you need starting out for your base makeup, as it gives a natural look. For BB cream I recommend the Garnier BB cream, but the colours are dark and it has a thick consistency, so if you are quite pale and/or want a lighter, more dewy coverage, go for the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. As far as concealers go, I highly, highly recommend the soap and glory kick ass concealer. It comes with 2 concealer shades and a powder, it is such a great buy. You use the pinker concealer under eyes, and the greener one on blemishes. The powder is my personal favourite thing about it, ut sets any makeup perfectly, and doesnt make you look cakey. 

Eyebrow comb

Starting out with makeup, doing eyebrows can be a tricky one, so just by using an eyebrow comb you can get the shape you want, then when you get more confident you can use a brown eyeshadow in your brows. 

Neutral Eyeshadow Pallete
A couple of bright colours. 

If you are on a budget, I highly recommend the sleek Au Naturel Pallete. The colours are gorgeous
and so long lasting! If you know you will wear neutrals and can afford to splash some cash, I
recommend the Naked Palletes by Urban Decay. I own the Naked 1(review soon), but choose which of the palletes suits you the best, they are all lovely! 

Unless you really are into brights, I suggest only getting a couple rather than a pallete because then you can be sure you will really use them. I recommend MUA baked trios. If you really will not wear bright colours, get a smokey eye kit! I am as of yet to discover a good drugstore smokey eye kit, I really like the benefit one however. 

Eyeliners + Mascara
Pencil eyeliner
Clear Mascara
Black Mascara

Like I said before, I love liquid liner now, but it is not an essential. I really recommend the soap and glory smoulder kohl eyeliner. It comes in brown or black so choose which one you prefer. I did a full on review of it herewhich is one of my more popular posts so go check it out if you are interested.

A clear mascara is just one of those essentials that doesnt get too much use, but everyone should have one. I started using it before I used full on mascara, so go buy one! I have the 17 mascara, but I hear natural collection do a good one too. 

Finally you gotta have a mascara. I recommend black mascara opposed to brown because there is more choice with black. My favourite drugstore mascara is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Express and my favourite high end is the Benefit They're Real. I did a comparison of these mascaras a while ago which is my most popular post (I think) so go check that out 

Tinted LipBalm/ Lip Butter
Lipstick x2
Lipgloss x2 

I think lip products are so lovely that you need a lot. My favourite tinted lipbalm is my maybelline babylips in Cherry Me. It is such a lovely colour and tastes so good. My favourite Lip Butter is the Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter in Maceroon. The colour is so perfect! 

For lipsticks, just choose 2 colours that you like. Try and make them different, like don't get two pinks with only one shade difference. I would definately recommend the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, the staying power on them is fantastic, plus the colour range is great. 

The lip gloss colours you choose do not have to correspond with the lipstick colours. Currently I do not have a favourite drugstore lipgloss, but I have heard great things about the Tanya Burr Lipglosses, but don't take my word for it as I have never tried them. For more of a liquid lipstick, look into the Rimmel Apocolips, they apply like a lipgloss, but dry like a lipstick. 

That is all I got for you guys, I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful! Comment below your top makeup essential.  


  1. Hey Phoebs! This is a great post! I actually have the Natural Collection clear mascara and its great for taming eyebrows and also your lashes! I was also wondering if you could tweet some questions to me for a Q&A? Thanks so much!
    Katie x

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks so much! When I run out of my current clear mascara, I might look into that one. Sure thing xox


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