Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Makeup Brush Collection

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I am nearly free from the prison that I call school, by the end of this week I shall be free! If anyone needs a guest post over the summer, I would be happy to write one, I really want to get stuck in with blogging this summer. Just email me and we can get started on ideas. 

I feel like I have pretty much got a great set of brushes now. I could go on and on about every single brush but I do not have time for that, so I will talk about my favourites and mention some brands I use. 
This mug is my main store of brushes, but I have others dotted around in sets and things. 
For my foundation, I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Because of its size you can really cover your whole face and really blend out the foundation. 
For powder, I use the 17 face brush. I got this a couple of years ago so their collection might of changed. This brush is so soft and a perfect shape for dusting on powder so it doesn't look cakey. 
The Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush is slightly angled, making it great for bronzer. It is so dense making it super easy to apply bronzer. Also the fact it is retractable makes it really cool. 

I have brushes for cream blush, powder blush and highlighter , but they are not my favourites (although I enjoy using them)  so I will not bore you anymore. 

Good drugstore eyemakeup brushes are something I have wanted to find for ages now. And finally I think I have got some amazing ones. If, like I once was, you are looking for great cheap brushes, I hope this helps. 
For packing on eyeshadow, the Barry M eyeshadow brush, Real Techniques Shading Brush and Revlon Concealer Brush are my go to's. 
Barry M have updated their collection, but I have a brush from the new collection and love that too. The Real Techniques brush is great as it is quite large for quick application, but dense so it still packs on colour. I use the Revlon Concealer Brush as an eyemakeup brush because it is so flat and easy to use. Also it has a white tip, helpful for when choosing what brush to use with a certain eyeshadow colour. 

 For blending Eyeshadow, I will always use the Pro 11 Eyeshadow Brush (the brand is exclusive to superdrug) and the Revlon Blending Brush. 
Revlon Brushes have blown me away, with some bloggers saying this brush does an even better job than the Mac 217. I cannot agree with that as I own nothing from MAC. Shock horror! The Pro 11 brush is just a must for your brush collection. 

Finally I have to give a shoutout to my Urban Decay Dual Ended Shadow Brush, which came with my Naked Pallete (review soon to come) The brushes are just too lovely not to mention. 
That is it, my top picks from my brush collection. I hope this gives you inspiration as to building your brush kit. If you have any blog post suggestions, please leave them in the comments. 
I reached 50 BlogLovin Followers, and promised some of my newest followers blog link shoutouts. 

I hope you enjoy their blogs! 


  1. I love real techniques brushes. I seem to pick one up every time I see them because whenever I actually want one they are usually sold out :(

    1. They are my favourite, as you can probably tell from this post haha. If the one I want is out of stock, I usually get another one I dont really need =D


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