Thursday, 31 July 2014

Summer Vs Winter OOTD Collab

 Hey! Its phoebs :)
I haven't done a collab in a while now so I was super excited when Brooke from Brooke Ashleigh contacted me asking to do a collab! I was planning on doing an OOTD today anyways, but I thought it would be quite interesting doing a collab OOTD. Brooke lives in Australia and stupidly I forgot it is currently winter there, but we thought we could do a summer vs winter OOTD! Make sure you check out Brookes post, she is really lovely so go show her some lurv guys! Haha. 

I took these pictures on my phone (after much hassle getting it to work) because my phone has a timer camera, so there is no effect on these pics! Also I am not sure if the quality will translate onto this post, but we will see. 

Yesterday I aqquired a Penny Board and I am terrible at it, but it is so much fun! Plus I look like tumblr girl don't you think? Ha ha, no ok bye. Seriously though, the colours of this are so cute, and it was reduced from £70 to £30 . I could not resist. 


Top: Primark
Shorts: Boohoo
Hi Tops: H&M

The weather has been surprisingly good this summer, I mean it has been good for England. Good english weather is a lot different from good tropical weather. I have been enjoying wearing shorts, and this top is light and airy plus I love the cut of it. It is slightly cropped which I quite like, because it occasionally shows a bit of stomach, but your belly isn't constantly on display. 

Rings: Topshop 
Hair tie: Primark

I really have been getting into topshop rings. I think they add a girlie but edgy look to a lot of outfits. I like spicing it up for summer, and rings have been my go to. 

I think this outfit is actually quite tumblr. Lets face it, we are all partial to tumblr girls style. Now I'm not saying I want to be a tumblr girl (god no) but there style is super cute, and it helps give you some style inspiration. 

My dog wanted to join the party too haha. Isn't she the sweetest? 

I quite like the blurriness of this photo. Clearly I was going so fast it couldn't capture the moment. Umm yeah....

I like wearing my hi tops in summer, because personally I wear them more in winter so teaming them with shorts is quite a contrast, but I think it works really well. 

That is it for this post, hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out Brookes post, I have linked it at the beggining of this post. 

P.s Thank you to Brooke for getting in touch, this has been really fun! :) 


  1. Ah thankyou beautiful for the collab, it was very fun xx
    Goodluck with the penny board, I myself have one as well haha

    1. No problem hun, I enjoyed it too! We will have to do another one at some point in the future :). Thanks, I am very wobbly haha

    2. ahah just let the screws be a guide as to where your feet go! It will help stability. xx

  2. Cute post! Love your outfit and £30?! I've been wanting one of these for so long but put it off because of the price haha! xx

  3. Great Post! I have nominated you for the Leibster Award :)


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