Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tips for Starting A Blog

Hey! Its phoebs :)
First off, I apologise for my attemps of explaining things in this post, I can never quite word explanations haha. Secondly, in the grand scheme of blogging, I have hardly any followers (i love you all though) so I am hardly an expert, BUT I have made mistakes and learnt from them, so I know a thing or two. 

You can literally start a blog at the click of a button, but it is not easy to maintain. I had made countless blogs before Geek Chic Notes that had only lasted 2 weeks or so. My first tip is to make sure you do want to start a blog. I don't mean consider doing it for weeks, I just mean when you have the inspiration to start a blog, just understand that it is time consuming, but extremely fun. 

Blog names. Oh blog names. I made this blog 2 months before I even posted (don't ask me why ha) and it was initially to be a fashion blog. When I actually started posting I realised I wanted to write about beauty. My tip for blog names is choose a name that does not restrict you to one genre of posts. As much as the name Geek Chic Notes is a little cringy now, I highly doubt I would be writing if I had called it something like Phoebes Fashion Diary, because I would not of felt I could write about anything but fashion. 

Now you have your blog up and running, write your first post. Mine was just a picture (ha) but write about anything. It could be literally anything. My tip is to write one post then think about a design. If you design it before there is any posts up, you might not like the fonts/colours/anything and spend more time worrying about design than your content. A blog header is not an essential at first, just choose a funky font. At some point a blog header is a great idea, I have no clue how I go about explaining how to make one, you could google it I suppose, sorry! I would write a sentence or so for the blog description, then create an 'about' tab for more info on yourself. A contact tab is good if you have social media, you could even link them to it. Creating tabs can be done if you go on the Pages section of your dashboard. Keep your blog unique, but not cluttered. If it is not nice to look at, people will be less likely to read it. Finally for design, keep your post font really simple. People do not like reading tricky fonts.

My next tip is something I did not do for ages but get BlogLovin. Literally, it is so much easier to gain followers, and keep track of who you follow. Go on the blog lovin site, create an account and there is an option to connect your blog with it. Make sure there is a link on your blog to your blog's bloglovin page. I wish I had created my Bloglovin sooner, but at least you guys don't make the same mistake! Speaking of bloglovin, I would love 60 followers by the end of summer, so make sure you guys are following me! 

My next tip is followers and pageviews will not come unless you post loads. Get experience with writing, figure out your writing style, followers and pageviews will come later. Content is so much more important than stats. You should be more proud of your content than the statistics of your blog. That is an important thing, never forget that! 

The blogging world is a big community, and it really does not take long to find other bloggers like yourself. So make sure you connect with them, send them an email, comment on posts! They will love getting comments as much as you will, so be nice. And I was guilty of this, along with a lot of bloggers when they first started, but seriously, do not send spam comments such as 'check out my blog? I will follow you back.' Yes you can get a new follower, but they won't really like your blog as much as other true followers will. Comment things refering to the blogpost, or compliment their blog. To get their attention, subtly leave your bloglink at the end of the comment, they may check out your blog, along with people who read the comments. 

Again, I did not do this immediatley but I suggest you should. Get twitter. You get to find out about so many more bloggers, meaning more traffic towards your blog. There are blogger chats to join in, and when you have a new post, tweet the link to it! Twitter has made me find out about so many more great blogs, it is a must for the blogging community. 

That is all I have for you guys, I hope you found this useful. I know other bloggers may think this is not helpful, or I have missed out vital things, sorry in advance, I am still learning and this is just my current opinion :) haters gonna hate eh ;) 


  1. As of last night when you commented on my post I got bloglovin haha, so thankyou for that tip! x

    1. Haha no worries! Looking forward to our collab :) x

  2. amazing blog<3
    Maybe want follow each other? if yes, just follow me and i follow you back :)

  3. this has really helped, thank you so much x

    1. No problem, glad you found it helpful :') xox


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