Friday, 25 July 2014

Update! I'm back, wifi crisis DIYS and post ideas!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
As you probably know, I was on holiday for the last two weeks pretty much, and I had a fab time! Annoyingly, I had some great posts planned, but due to the wifi not being free I could not post, or even update my social media to tell you I could not post. Whoops. 

Life has been pretty chilled lately, which is as it should be for summer. I have loads of exciting posts planned, including makeup tutorials and DIYS. I will be doing another fashion DIY, the link to my last one will be here. . I am planning a mass trip to hobbycraft to stock up on supplies so get excited for that. If you guys want to see any particular posts, please tell me! Or tell me your favourite types of posts to read, so I can combine what I want to write with what you want to read. I love you guys! 

Incase you did not know, I have instagram! I only have 23 followers so I would love you guys to follow me! My user name is just geekchicnotes. I will follow back all bloggers as well. I will stop mentioning to follow me on instagram from now on, promise! I just want you guys to know, haha. 

I would like your guys' advice! Basically I found cheap ish penny boards from amazon, and have narrowed it down to four colours, so please comment below which one you think I should buy.
They are all so adorable I cannot decide. 

I have 2 blogging goals for the end of summer. If you could help me out with this that would mean sooo much! Firstly, I want to reach 60 BlogLovin followers. That would be awesome. My BlogLovin following base grows a lot faster than GFC, so I do want more BlogLovin followers than GFC. if that all makes sense haha. Anyhoo my second goal is to reach 10,000 pageviews. I am approaching 8,000 I think, and I know getting over 2,000 pageviews in this time is gonna be seriously hard, but I am motivated to create the best content for you guys so we can get more pageviews. That all sounded a bit snazzy didnt it?

That is it for now, I will be posting a hair tutorial tomorrow so look out for that. Hope you enjoyed, and remember to follow meh on all the social media. K cools. Im joking,

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