Saturday, 12 July 2014

Whats In My Carry-On Bag plus Travel Makeup #holidays2

Heyy! Its phoebs :)
Today it is the second in my #holidays series. I hope you are enjoying it. I am goimg to show you what makeup I plan to wear on the plane and my carry on bag. Of course you do not need to wear makeup on the plane, it just gives me a boost. Amd the flight is only two hours so my face won't melt. Lets get started :)

First I am applying garnier BB cream all over my face and my L'Oreal true match concealer under my eyes. Usually I would say concealer is pointless on planes but my flight is early morning so I do not wanna look like a zombie haha. 
I am doing my usuall brow routine with benefit browzings. 

Face and brows so far. 

For eye makeup, I am only applying my fave mascara on upper amd lower lashes. Heavy eyemakeup on a plane is never a good idea, and mascara does the trick of making your eyes pop pretty well. Also if you are going to a hot country you will be wearing sunglasses when you get off the plane so people cannot even see your eyes. 

Finally for lips I am using a long lasting moisturing colour. This is the revlon lip butter in macaroon. It is fast becoming my summer lip shade. 

Makeup finished! 
I posted this photo on instagram this morning. Follow me on instagram geekchicnotes 

My carry-on bag, or hand luggage, was £32 from accesorize. It is a great size and I love its pale pink colour.
I am taking my naked pallete coz if I lost my case  I would be very upset if I lost it haha. The L'Oreal true match powder is for the plane. 
I always need a tissue when i do not have one, so a pack of tissues is great to bring. This little list is things I need to get at the airport. 
Headphones:Skull Candy 
I am also bringin my ipad and ipod. 
This is just my jewelerry and hair bag. My sunglasses are from new look, this is just a case for them that I found. 
Purse: Tk maxx 

That is it, I hope you found this interesting and useful. Comment below your Carry-On essentials and maybe I will give you a twitter shoutout? 


  1. I absolutely love the BB Cream by Garnier! I think it's even better than the one from L'Oréal.
    Have a safe trip!
    xx Belinda

    1. It is little dark for me in winter, but it is my perfect shade now so I love it! Thank you xxx


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