Monday, 18 August 2014

Back To School Supplies Haul #backtoschoolwithphoebs

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Before I begin I would love to know what other posts you would like me to do in this series! Once I get a couple more items I will be writing a bag essentials post, so look put for that. Just comment/email/tweet me what you wanna see. Here are the post in the series so far: 

I go back to school on 4th September, so I am quite early getting these supplies. But anyone who has had to face Rymans on september 3rd , will know, all the good stuff goes early. So I was in town getting school schools (I got black pumps from clarks if your wondering) and me and my mam decided to just get stationary as well. Disclaimer: My mum did buy all this stuff for me (danke mum!) but I am not trying to brag, this post has actually been requested a couple of times. Lets get started! 

I am starting my GCSE years, so I needed bigger folders for sciences because last year, this years, and next years work needs to go in them. I like keeping all my work in one place so I did get a lever arch file for each science. I have to do all 3 sciences, which is a bit of a pain but ah well. I am reusing some folders from last year too and I DIY'ed them so check that put in the post which is linked at the top. 
These are from WH Smiths. 
I will be using dividers as well, but I forgot to get them which is really annoying, so I will have to go in again at some stage. 
My pencil case is also from WH Smith, and it is so cute. If you need a new makeup bag, definately check out the pencil cases in the shops at the moment, coz they are cheaper than most makeup bags and really sweet! 

For my pencil case, I got biros and ball point pens to take notes in. I like using colour for key notes, so I got this pack of paper mate ink joy pens. I am reusing highlighters from last year, so I didn't get them again.  I also got colouring pencils, which I only really use for diagrams in geography. All of this I got in Rymans.

Also from Rymans, I got pencils, a maths set and a long ruler. The maths set actually comes with a ruler but I loose things all the time so it will come in handy. 
 I really like notebooks. I hardly ever use them during the year, but I am determind to this year haha. I love the colour of this green one. I also got a project Pukka Pad, which I am planning on using for revision this year. I really like doing spider diagrams for revision, so this just keeps them in one place. I also got a green plastic wallet for geography, because I am not sure if I need a folder but I got one just in case. 

 Finally, I got post it notes. I love the mini ones, I will be putting them on key pieces of work and just things like that. A pad of real brand post its was £6.99 so I got 2 pads from the bramd Stick n' for £4, which was a pretty good deal. 

I hope you enjoyed this school supplies haul, would love to know your thoughts on my back to achool series and what posts you want to see in the future for this series. 


  1. i don't start uni till 6th october but i love your aztec folder x

    1. Good luck at uni! Isn't it lovely!x


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