Friday, 29 August 2014

Backtoschoolwithphoebs: Healthy Breakfast and Snack

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I feel like I have to be a little cautious with what I write now, coz my friends found out my blog name through excessive google searches. But I am going to go on like nothing is different so you enjoy the post! 

Throughout the school year I try to change up my breakfasts a little to keep them interesting, healthy and most importantly, filling. I hate when my stomach rumbles in a lesson. One breakfast that is a classic for early mornings is porridge. It is so quick and easy. I know it is not everyones favourite, but it is good for you and fills you up. Apologies if you don't like it, but I love it! 
All you need is oats, milk, sugar(or as a healthy sweetener you could use honey) and your choice of fruit. I used bananna because it is also filling and it corresponds with my after school snack. 
I didn't do exact measurements but I like my porridge thicker so i used less milk. Addmittedly I should of added more as it was too thick, but hey. Just play around with it until you have the perfect consistency. Have the mixture on a low to medium heat and stir it. 
Once the porridge was done I added one teaspoon of sugar and half a banana . And that is it!
If you don't have time in the morning, this is great. It takes max 10mins. Also if you don't like the toppings I chose you could change it up to your preferences. 

After school it is so tempting to go straight for the biscuits. Now I am no health freak, so of course its normal to eat biscuits and sweet things, but it is nice to have a snack which you like and is also healthy, so you feel good. Really if you added granola this could be a breakfast but I like having this after school. 
All you need is: Yogurt (greek is the most healthy, but I prefer vanilla) and fruit. I am using the other half of my bananna and strawberries. I know strawberries are going out of season, but just use a fruit that you like and is easy to get hold of. But if you want berries, frozen berries are great and refreshing because they are so cold. 

I just chopped the fruit up firstly, then in my bowl I put two large desert spoonfuls of yogurt. Once I pit the fruit on top, done! It is so simple and healthy. Plus it tastes really great. 

That was the penultimate post in my back to school series! I hope you enjoyed it, I have loved writing it. I know a lot of people are back at school already, so I hope you are having a good start. I start next thursday. *Sigh* 

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to know your favourite breakfasts and snacks for school, I always need more inspiration haha. 

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