Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Best Friend Tag!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Today something very exciting happened! My real life, completely non virtual best friend ellie, started a blog. The deal was if she started a blog, I would tell her my blog name, which I did so she is probably reading this now haha. Anyways in honour of her starting a blog, we decided to do a collab post on my blog today, The Best Friend Tag. Ok admittedly we have not been tagged to do this but that is not the point. Ellie's blog is called Fuchsia Flamingo so go show her some lurrve guys! She also has twitter too, so go follow her here.  We modified some of the questions slightly as the tag is made for two youtubers. On with the post! 

How and when did you meet? We met 3 years ago, going into the same form for senior school. 

Favourite memory? Ellie- too many to mention ! 
Me- probably when we went on holiday to Norfolk. 

One word to describe the other person? Crazy, haha. 
Ellie- Hilar. 

Dream Job? Together? We wanted to open a dance store together haha. But my actual dream jon would be to become a fashion editor. 
Ellie: hmm, i'm undecided about a job haha. 

Favourite Makeup Brand? Ellie- MAC or Soap and Glory.
Me- Maybelline or Benefit. 

What annoys you about the other person? Me- you are never on your phone and can take a while to reply haha.
Ellie- errm probably how you never told me about your blog for ages haha. 

Where in the world would you like to travel together? New york. 

Inside Joke? Haha the rumours! *says rumours in an extremely weird accent* 
Ellie: Stage two blending!
Me: haha basically we gave each other eye makeup 'tutorials' and kept going on about how blending was extremely important. We had just gotten Revlon Blending Brushes soo it makes sense...kinda...

Who takes longer to get ready? Both around the same time I guess. It really depends on the occasion. 

Favourite Season? Mine is summer, definately.
Ellie: I like Summer going into Autumn, september is my favourite month for seasons. 

Perks of having your best friend as a blogger? Considering Ellie created her blog a couple of hours ago, none yet! But I am looking forward to her joining in the community and all the collab posts we can do. 

Favourite Song? Currently, mine is Final Masquerade by Linkin Park.
Ellie: Mine is Nina by Ed Sheeran. But it changes a lot.

Heels or Flats? Ellie: I quite like heels.
Me: I can barely walk in heels so flats for me. 

Skirts or Dresses? I find skirts much more wearable than dresses. 
Ellie: I wear dresses more often. My style is quite girlie. 

Favourite Animal? Despite my cringey email adress, mine is a dog.
Ellie: My favourite animal is a flamingo, I mean, my blog is called Fuchsia Flamingo ha. 

Comedy, Horror or Chick Flick? Chick flick!

Blackberry or Iphone? Samsung!
Ellie: Iphone. 

Favourite film? Our favourite films always change, but we always seem to love The Queen. 

Weird food you both like to eat? Well we can eat excessive amounts of fruit pastels at sleepovers...

Favourite TV show? This goes without saying but, Gossip Girl! 

That is it, I hope you enjoyed getting to know Ellie and I a bit better. Make sure to check out her blog, she will start posting soon! Also follow her twitter to say hi :) 

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