Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cara Delevinge Makeup Tutorial

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Recently I saw a picture of Cara on Tumblr (you can check out my tumblr here) and I tweeted about it asking if I should do a tutorial. And here I am about to show you this tutorial haha. I really like the makeup look, her skin is natural with some bronzer, obviously she has bold brows, I love the smokey eye and the pop of colour with the orange lip. This look is quite full on, but I have toned it down slightly. I hope you can take bits of it  and add it to your makeup routine! 

For my base, I am taking the Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer. I am using the greener shade to conceal redness and blemishes. Caras under eyes are not illuminated but they are concealed so the pinker shade was great for that. I used the powder that comes with the concealer on top of the product I applied. 
 For an even finish I applied my L'Oreal True Match powder with my buffing brush all over my face. 
This photo is so awkward ha, but this is the look so far. 

Next up, bronzer and highlight. Cara has defined cheekbones and jaw line, so I used my bronzer to chizzle out those features. I also swept the bronzer all over my face as Cara's skin is quite tanned. I used the Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush to do this. 
For highlight I used the benefit High Beam. I used it on central points of my face, so my chin, cupids bow, nose and a small amound on my forhead. I also used some on the tops of my cheekbones, to enhance them further. 
Awkward photo mark two! But that is the effect the bronzer and highlight gives. I don't have strong cheekbones so its not quite the same as Cara's haha. 
 Cara's brows were (as always) on point in this photo. Personally, I have quite bushy brows so getting the strong look wasn't too difficult. My holy grail brow product is benefit browzings. It is perfect. I applied the wax to shape my brows and I used it slightly below for added definition. I then used the powder all the way through them for extra darkness. I used a spooly lastly for an even result. 
Obviously you don't have to make them this dark, do what you feel happiest doing. 
All my eyeshadow was from the Naked Pallete. My base colour was a Rimmel Scandal Eyes Crayon in 011 Bluffing. I applied the white colour from the naked pallete (Virgin) over the top of it and in the inner corner and on the browbone. 
 I am then using a mix of Smog and Darkhorse in the outer corner and blending it out into the crease. To lighten things up I used a small amount of virgin on top. 

 For my crease I used Buck (a medium brown shade) and blended it into the two darked colours. 
Incase any of the darker colours had blended with the white, I re applied the white all over my lid. 
I can see some shimmer on Cara's lower lashline as well as the blue, so I used Half Baked (a golden colour) on the outer part of my lower lashline. Then I applied Gunmetal (shimmery blue) on an angled brush on my waterline and my lowerlash line. As the blue I used was a bit darker than the one Cara has on, I used Virgin again on top of the blue. 
Cara had very fluttery lashes, especially at the outer corners. 
I wiggled the wand of my mascara at the root of my upper lashes to get more volume. Then I only applied mascara to my other lashes for a fluttery look. 
Finally, for the bold orange lip, I used a Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya. 
And we are done! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. Sorry the majority of the eyeshadow was from the naked pallete, it just seemed suitable for the look. If you have any Naked Pallete dupes, comment below! 


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