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Celeb Style Steal for School #backtoschoolwithphoebs

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I am here with another back to school post! Yay (or boo, I suppose) . Personally I have to wear a uniform to school, but I know a lot of people in different countries do not, so I thought I would take a look at some famous celebs whose outfits are always on point, and tell you how you could take tips from their looks! Obviously I am not saying change your style to look like these girls, just be yourself, have fun with fashion and these outfits are for inspiration. Enjoy :)

As much as Jenny Humphrey is not my favourite gossip girl character, her style is the one I would be most likely to wear. Blairs style is amazing, but I really do think Jenny has a style more like my own. 
The photo of Jenny (played by Taylor Momsen) is from season three and her style is quite edgy and grungey. I love her jacket and shoes. I know the ones I found are nowhere near exact, but I think they are a true representation of her style. The jacket was £58 from Topshop, which is quite pricey but if you really like it, an investment piece is never a bad thing. The ankle boots are £29.99 from New Look, and I am in love with the style of these, they would go with anything. I would wear this look on a winters day when I wanted to look stylish, but at the same time have quite a simple outfit. 

I only really noticed Vanessa Hudgens style after Coachella this year, and ever since, I have been obessed with it. She pulls off this boho look so well, she is brave enough to really experiment with different items of clothing and I love that. 

This is a look I would wear when I wanted to be comfy like when you have exams or a test, or if that day I felt a little less body confident and wanted to look cute without showing all the flesh haha. I am in love with Vanessa's jumper, it is so girlie. I found this jumper for £16 in Kylie at M and Co, a brand I hve been loving recently. Unfortunately the brand only goes up to age 13, I wish it did a couple sizes larger haha. The skirt is super cute and is £16.75 from forever 21. It has a slit up one side which makes it really on trend and spices up a normal maxi skirt. I love the pattern on the skirt, I feel like it could be worn in most seasons (not winter though) and is really versatile. 

Kylie Jenner might be one of the most famous teenagers around. She has a signature laid back, and slightly grungy look about her. Her style is my favourite out of all the Kardashians/Jenners. 
Kylie's look is really simple to recreate, the shirt I found was £15 on boohoo. I love how jeans and a white top can really be spiced up by adding a shirt round your waist. Obviously if you are not into greys and blacks you can replace this shirt with another one in brighter colours. The jeans I found were £39.99 from Zara. I love how baggy and distressed the jeans are, yet I know the quality will be good because they are from Zara. This would be a day to day school look for me, as it is very casual and always looks on trend. 

I hope you enjoyed this Celeb Style Steal and it helps you with some outfit inspiration for school. Let me know in via twitter or instagram what you think of my back to school series, and if you have any suggestions use the hashtag backtoschoolwithphoebs. Having the hashtag is so much easier so I can see all instagram/twitter posts in one place. 
P.s none of these images are my own :) 

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  1. I've got to say that I really don't love Vanessa Hudgens as an actress, but her festival style is always so ON! I wish I was still in school so I could go back-to-school shopping! I may just have to take myself shopping just for kicks!
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