Saturday, 30 August 2014

Life Update: Changing Seasons, Back to School and Blogging

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I have so many post ideas currently, I have posts ideas for all of september pretty much! More of that later. But I was having trouble actually wanting to write today. But I tweeted out and Katie suggested I do a Life Update. I never really do these kinds of posts, and if I do I usually delete them 2 weeks later because of how cringey they are. Ah well, hopefully this will be mildly interesting and not a cringe fest!

Its coming up to the end of summer. I guess this makes me sad, as summer is my favourite season, but I prefer fashion in autumn and winter. There is so much more you can do with an outfit! I will be doing more autumn/fall fashion posts, so look forward to them too. With autumn nearly upon us comes colder weather, shorter days and the atmosphere is a bit grim, however you like to sugar coat it. But its not all bad. If you like halloween, that happens in autumn! Personally I am not a big halloween fan, I mean I will do stuff with my friends but its not a big thing like in the US. I think I am away over halloween and I bet this will be the year where I get invited to a cool party or something. Who am I kidding haha, no social life and proud ;) 

I know a lot of you are back at school already, but I go back on Thursday.  I like school. I like seeing my friends every day, getting all the goss (there is a lot as its an all girls school) and I like some subjects. Unfortunately my timetable will be dominated with maths and science, all of which I despise. But I am looking forward to Music, Drama, German and Geography. If you are worried about school starting, my only advice would be to smile and put lots of effort in. Even if you hate school, getting good grades is always quite nice haha. Good luck to everyone going to new schools/uni/ jobs even. 

I cannot quite remember how many BlogLovin followers I wanted to gain over the summer, but I have exceeded by far the amount I wanted. There are now 93 Chic Geeks , that is about the size of my school year! I cannot thank you enough, it means the world that you enjoy my posts. I am sure at the beggining of summer I had 54 followers, so I have gained nearly 40 followers in two months! Lets try and do that every 2 months haha. Also my goal was 10,000 pageviews, I am around 50 away but I have until next week to complete that goal, so lets achieve it! Also, from next thursday, my blogging schedule will change. Hopefully 3 posts a weekcwill be uploaded, one on Monday (a teen blogger series post) one on wednesday and one on saturday. 

Another thing that has happened recently is telling my friends my blog name. I went nearly a year without telling them I even had a blog, and now that I know they are most likely reading this, probably looking for things I have said to embarras me scares me. Admittedly it also really excites me and I'm happy that its all out in the open. Its a lot of work blogging, so having the stress of your friends reading your work is worrying. But I think I am just paranoid, because so far they have all been lovely and supportive about it, so thanks guys! I love you hehe. 

There we have it, my life update! I hope you enjoyed it, it was very relaxing to write. 

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