Thursday, 21 August 2014

Top Coats this Autumn/Fall

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As summer is soon drawing to a close with longer nights, colder weather and back to school season, I thought I would start talking about Autumn/Fall fashion. If you are from the UK, you will know that as soon as the leaves fall down, it is pretty much winter until April. Sigh. I hate the thought of winter. Cold weather, waking up in darkness and endless days of school, but when winter does come around I don't mind it too much.

I am one of those people that gets cold super easily. For me to be warm in winter, I need layers and layers of clothes. And a good coat. Which leads me nicely onto todays post! I thought I would show you guys my top coats for Autumn/Winter 2014. Personally, I used to hate coats. For the past couple of years I would only have a gilet because I despised coats that much haha. As you can imagine, I was always freezing. So this year I have decided to take the plunge and look for the perfect, sensible, winter coat. 

I have found four coats that I want to share with you, that are all different styles, different price points, and hopefully avaliable in different countries so I hope you find something you like! 

Quilted Jackets are such a practical, chic piece for winter. They were a massive trend a couple of years ago, and since then have been a staple in most clothing shops. I really like the pattern on this one, it is quite preppy. However if you don't like the pattern, there are navy and a black colour option for this coat. This is the cheapest coat I have to show you, it is £29.99 from H&M. 

I adore this coat. Military style jackets and this one is so bohemian from forever 21. I am not sure how warm this would be, so I would wear this as an autumn coat. As far as miliatry jackets go, this one is pretty cheap at £32.95. This would look great with a graphic tee, black leggings and chelsea boots. 

If your style is quite edgy, this bomber jacket is for you. I love how it has tartan on the inside too. Bomber jackets are kind of like warmer versions of leather jackets (minus the leather) so perfect for the colder months. I love the outfit with this jacket as well. The jacket is a little more pricey at £55 from Urban Outfitters, but definately worth it if you will wear it loads. 

Finally, this is the most expensive coat but definately my favourite. Parka jackets are an absolute classic. They go with anything and cater to anyone's style. This is £78 from Topshop, so quite pricey, but the coat is gorgeous guys! It has a fluffy hood too, double win. This coat would definately keep you warm, but stylish, and I love it. 

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this post and comment which your favourite was! Also, I am 6 followers away from 90 on BlogLovin, so if you like my blog it would mean the world if you followed on there. Can we get 90 followers by the end of next week? 

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