Wednesday, 10 September 2014

All About Sweaters

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Happy wednesday! Only two more days to the weekend. This week has gone extremely slowly I feel like, plus I know the weekend will happen as quick as a wink. 

Recently I have been getting my autumn/winter clothes for this year and I realised I REALLY love sweaters. They are just such a great piece for this time of year. I thought I would show you all the sweaters I own to give you some style inspiration. Not all of them are from this season, but my autumn/winter lookbook will only include clothes still avaliable to buy. I just need someone to help me take photos for the lookbook (*cough* ellie millie helena *cough*) . Lets get started.

My hollister jumpers: 
I didn't really know how to catagorise these jumpers so I went with quite an unoriginal name haha. I got these jumpers a couple of years ago (the white one is slighlty more recent) but these kind of things are always in stock. I wear them with leggings, boots and accesories. I think they suit a 'lazy day' outfit. 

V-Neck Sweaters: 
I really do apologise for the shocking photo quality, I wanted a post up tonight so I had to work with what I had (and the only seeable floor space in my room) . These do not get much wear really, but the blue one is from Primark and the pink from hollister. They both look a bit worse for wear but I love both the colours on me, they seem to work well. 

Printed Sweaters: 
Currently these two are my favourite. The black one says 'nothing to wear' and more so than the whole printed idea, I LOVE the cut. It is slightly cropped and has a boxy feel to it. I got it last year in the sale at Zara. The 'full time fashion blogger' jumper is current, it is £25 from River island. It is pretty big on me because the only size left closest to mine was Small-Medium. I love how soft this one is, and the caption is just perfect. River Island Sweaters are great at the moment, I would suggest checking them out. 

Knitted Sweaters: 
The grey sweater is current and £20 from boohoo. I think it would look great with jeans, or a skater skirt and tights. Both of these are more for winter as they are very thick. I love the fact the grey sweater has heart patches on the elbows, I think it is so cute. The patterened sweater was from last year and I got it in Debenhams from the brand Henry Holland. I really love the print, though I realise not everyone will. The colours come up more pink on camera, but it is more of a burgendy so it suits autumn quite nicely. I wore this to death last year.

That is all the sweaters I have to share with you, which was your favourite? I am sorry they are not all avaliable to buy right now but I thought maybe you would get some inspiration from them. 

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