Monday, 20 October 2014

Amie Face Mask Review

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I am finally on half term, meaning more time for blogging. If you have any post requests please tell me! Also I want to do a q&a on wednesday so please comment below or tweet (@ThisChicGeek) or instagram (@geekchicnotes) me questions! I will give your blog a mention in the post :) 

The majority of my review style posts are very popular, however personally they are not my favourite to write. This face mask is so amazing though I had to share it with you. 

 My mum got me this back in July after I had come back from a school trip, and my skin was not in great condition. The first time I used it I didn't see mega results because of the poor condition of my skin, however every time after that it has saved my skin. 

It is a minty deep cleansing clay mask. It is not a daily mask, I use it once a week, only on the areas that need it. If you suffer from redness this is the product for you. For at least five days after using this, my redness is dramatically reduced. It also cleans the pores, reducing them and cleaning your skin preventing more blackheads. This I think will vary on different people, as I did notice clearer pores but nothing miraculous. As for blemishes, it will not help you current spots but it does prevent future breakouts pretty well. 

To achieve the maxium effect you need quite a bit of product, but I have got 6 uses out of mine so far and there is still some left. As any hardening mask will do you cannot move your face all that much, but it is not unbearable. The only problem is the mint. If you put this too close to your eyes, the mint is too overpowering. Even putting the product around your nose area is a pain. However considering the result this mask achieves I would not be put off by this. 

I am not sure of the price but it is not a luxury skin care brand so the price should be reasonable. If you happen to be in waitrose or john lewis, definately check this brand out as it has really helped my skin.

There you are, I hope you enjoyed the post. Whats your favourite face mask? Also, I was thinking of doing a mini uk giveaway to celebrate christmas and me reaching 100 bloglovin followers- would you guys want that? 

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