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Bridal/ Wedding Makeup Ideas

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My lovely friend Helena requested me to do a bridesmaid makeup tutorial, as her sister is getting married!  I have never been to a wedding so I have looked at celebrities makeup on their wedding day and various bridal makeup tutorials on youtube and have come up with a look I think suitable for a wedding. I will be showing you the eye look more than anything else, because base makeup is very personal, but if you want to see my base makeup look click here. I have put together my tips for base makeup to correspond with this look. 

Moisturise and prime your face for maximum staying power.
Make sure no products contain SPF! Wearing SPF gives you a white flush in pictures, and it is a wedding so pictures will be taken haha.
Don't wear too much makeup. Due to the fact you are reading this post you are probably doing your own makeup for the wedding, so be comfortable with your makeup. Makeup artists know how to make quite a bit of makeup look natural, and if you try it, it might not work.
To avoid looking cakey, use translucent powder. Your usual tinted powder won't look cakey in person, but for the pictures it could look bad. 

Now that is out of the way, lets get started!   First off, Prime your eyes! I used an urban decay primer potion. This step is so vital for great eye makeup. I did my brows with the Benefit Browzings kit. Don't go for a too strong brow, use what products suit you best and will last all day. To spread product, I used an eyebrow comb. 

Next, to really make the powder eyeshadow colours pop, I used a maybelline colour tatoo in pink gold. I usually use my fingers with this but I applied it with a brush for a subtle and even application. Maybelline colour tatoos are extremely pigmented and last for hours and hours, so if all your other eyemakeup comes off, this will stay on. 
For the eyeshadow, I used the naked pallete. Sorry if you don't own this! 
First up I applied Toasted all over my eyelid, and Side Car in the outer corner. 
Next, in my crease I used Naked. To blend all of these colours together I used Sin. The Colour Tatoo really made Sin look beautiful, I will be trying that combination more haha. Anyways. 
 I also took Sin in the inner corners and Virgin on my browbone. To give the look more depth, I used Toasted over the eyelid again. 
 Finally, I blended Sin and Side Car together on a fluffy brush and used that to blend all the colours together.
My eye went a bit funny here, sorry! 
I then curled my lashes and used a white eye pencil on the outer half of the waterline to brighten up my eyes. This really does work. 
Finally, I used Benefit They're Real mascara on my upper and lower lashes. Again, mascara is quite a personal thing, just make sure you have no clumps! I used mascara on the upper and lower lashes, to give me a doll eyed look. Also, if you are someone who would cry at a wedding, wear waterproof mascara! 
Finally, for lips, I used a rimmel Apocolips in the shade 102. You don't want a mega bright lip, but you want a lasting colour, which is why rimmel Apocolips are amazing. If you don't like the colour I am wearing, check out their whole range at boots and superdrug. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you are going to a wedding, have fun and I hope this look helped. If you do recreate this look please send me a pic through twitter or instagram I would love to see! 

P.s thanks so much for the crazy amount of likes on my instagram post! I realise most of the likers were hoodie allens fans but its still crazy. And hoodie liked my instagram post! I promise I am not a crazy fan girl... really haha. Also I am going through a I-cant-wait-til-christmas phase, so my mind is going crasy with post ideas! If you have any requests please let me know or I will forget by december ahah 

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