Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Vampire

Hey! Its phoebs :)
This is actually my first halloween post this year, which is quite shocking coz I love doing them. As halloween is so close it might be my only makeup post, which sucks but I have a last minute costume post up next week. 

I am actually really proud of this look, which makes me bummed at the fact I am not doing anything for halloween! Sad I know. But if you take inspiration from this for your halloween look, please tweet (@ThisChicGeek) or instagram (@geekchicnotes) me pictures because I would love to see! So lets get started. 

First up, I used the Benefit High Beam at random points on my face to give a shiny, warped look. Then I took the shimmer pink eyeshadow from the Benefit Smokin Eyes kit all over my face. If you had white facepaint or a white powder that would work, but I quite liked the look of this. 
Next, using the black eyeshadow, I messily did my brows to contrast my face. 
 I am basically Cara Delevinge. Haha. 
On a fluffy brush I took the grey shade all around my eyes, so I looked like a racoon. 
 This is optional, but if you have a white eyeliner, line your waterline and tightline to add to the dead look. 
Apologies for the lighting. 
Next I took a mix of the black and grey eyeshadow and swiped this to chizzle my cheekbones and create a contrast with the pale face. I also added more highlight to the apples of my cheeks, draining all colour from my face.
Now for lips! I got this idea from Sprinkle of Glitter, but it is slightly different. Using a black eyeliner, I lined my lips with this. And I filled in the main part of my lips with white eyeliner. 
With some slight adjustments, I think this look is suitable for a doll or zombie. 
Anyways, I am now applying a red lipstick to merge the colours together. 
This is the fun part! I used a lip brush, but a lipliner would work too. I created 2 squiggly lines from the outer corners of my lips to look like blood. On one side, I lightly continued the line down to the jaw and drew across. 
with the excess product on the lip brush, I dabbed this below my bottom lip for blood. 
This is optional, but if you want to create a vampire bite, keep reading. I used eyeliner and red lipstick and a brush. 
I first drew a dotted backward C on my neck in eyeliner. 
I used the lip brush to merge the dots together with red lipstick and the area around it. I applied brown eyeshadow on top to blend it in further, and then used a kohl eyeliner on the dots and more red lipstick around. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. Comment what you are going as for halloween! 


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