Sunday, 5 October 2014

Kylie M&Co Top Picks! October

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Sorry there hasnt been a post in a while, I was taking a mini break just to get on top of school work and things. But I am back and ready to blog! I havent posted about Kylie for a while so here is my updated top picks. Just a side note, but I want to do lots of blog posts to do with Autumn/Halloween/Christmas , so if you have any post suggestions please let me know. 

As it is getting colder, all my favourites are quite wintery. I would pair the selfie beanie and penguin jumper with some jeans and doc martins, just to edge it up a bit. 

I love beanies for winter, and this one is around £8 and it is super cute! Grey goes with pretty much everything too, so it is 100% wearable. 

The next accessory I love is this scarf. For £6 it is a steal. Tartan is so fashionable at the moment, plus I like the touch of girlieness with the floral print also running through it. This would be great if you wanted to stay warm without ruining your party outfit. 

I love christmas jumpers. I had a polar bear one last year, and I am planning on getting another one this year. Currently it is a bit early to wear christmas jumpers, which is why this one is a perfect inbetween. The penguin design is very wintery but it isnt as bold as other ones, for example the primark ones are basically christmas in jumper form haha. I would wear this now as I love it so much and £18 is an amazing price. 

My final pick is very simple, but with the right accesories would be super stylish. I love monochrome and printed tops, so this is ideal for me. With a faux leather skater skirt, black printed tights and chelsea boots, this would look 'gorgeous' haha. If the fact that it is only £10 doesn't sell it to you, I am not sure what will :P 

There we go, my top picks from Kylie at M and Co. Which was your favourite item? Remember to comment/email/tweet/instagram me post ideas! Or just chat to me, that would be cool :) 
To see the full range of Kylie Clothing, visit the website through the link at the top of this post. 

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