Saturday, 29 November 2014

DIY Mint Hot Chocolate Recipe!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Feels like a while since I have posted! School and rehearsals have gone a bit crazy, but now it should all become calm again, only thing I now have to deal with is parents evening. Wish me luck haha. Anyways today is my first Christmas post! How exciting! This one isn't a collab with Ellie, but look out for them next week. Cannot quite believe it is December on Monday. 
The hot chocolate tasted so good, it was quite sickly though so my advice would be to not overload your drink with chocolate chips and cream though, haha.

You will need: Aero Mint Chocolate (or any mint chocolate) 
Squirty Cream 
Cocoa powder
Chocolate Chips 
Candy Cane 

To measure the milk, I just poured it into my mug so I would know how much would fit. 
Firstly, heat the milk at a low to medium heat on your stove. 
Once this is pretty warm add in 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder to give it an extra chocolate boost. Mix this in with a wooden spoon.
Next add your mint chocolate. I made the drink around 2 weeks ago, but I am pretty sure I used just over 2 thirds of the bar. I would suggest having a medium heat for this part. Add this in gradually and stir so there are now lumps.
Keep the drink heating on the stove till it is pretty hot (but dont burn yourselves!). After this pour your drink into the mug and add cream. I suppose you don't have to but what is hot chocolate without cream? 
 Finally, to decorate the drink I used chocolate chips (or mini marshmallows would work) and a candy cane, to add extra minty goodness to the drink. As I said early go easy on the chocolate chips! 
Now, enjoy your drink! 

I love making drinks like this because in coffee shops like starbucks and costs the festive drinks are pretty expensive if you wanted them regularly. Plus I havent seen a mint hot chocolate on either of their festive drinks list! 

I hope you enjoyed the post and I would love it if you did make this to send me a picture! Or just comment what your favourite festive drink is :) 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Christmas Blogging 2014!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I am currently sitting on my bed in my xmas pj's, wrapped up in my christmas blanket. What a life haha. I am so excited to announce to you guys what festive blogging I will be getting up to this year! Last year I did the four days of festivity, but as my best friend Ellie is now a blogger, we are going to be doing a christmas series together! 

The series is going to be two posts a week, one on each blog and posibly even more on the week leading up to christmas as we have a lot of ideas! Each week the posts will be along the same lines but different takes on it- for example I will be doing a budget gift guide and ellie will do a high end gift guide. We want to keep it a bit of a mystery so I will not tell you what weeks will be which posts, but the posts planned are gift guides, christmas baking, decorations and christmas tags. As I said we have room to do even more when we are off school so send in requests ASAP so we can plan! Please comment on mine or ellies blogs, tweet Ellie or myself, and you can instagram me as well (@geekchicnotes) 

In case you don't celebrate christmas and to avoid you getting a christmas overload, I will be posting other things as well throughout december, like november favourites, makeup tutorials, OOTD's and such. It basically just means my blogging will be normal, but with a bonus christmas post every week! Except when it gets to the week before christmas and the excitement becomes too much. Haha anyways.... 

That is all I had to tell you guys, I hope you are excited as I am! Please leave post requests for us, it would be great to know what you wanna see! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

P.s what should we call the series? Tell me name ideas!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Celebrities Who Got Famous Through Reality TV

Hey! Its phoebs :)
As many of you will know two of my most popular posts EVER are on child stars gone bad, you can read them both here and here. It was getting pretty hard to continue that series, so I thought I would do something slightly similar, but on celebrities who got famous through reality television. I won't be talking about the obvious ones like One Direction, Joey Essex, The Kardashians or Lauren Conrad though. I found most of these celebrites from american sites so I don't think there are any British people in here, maybe next time? I didn't know that these people came from reality TV, so I am hoping you don't either haha. 

First off I will be talking about Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole's career started when she was on the reality show Popstars with a former girl group. I think I had heard this before so it didn't surprise me too much. The group was called Edens Crush and were a bit of one hit wonders. She was the lead vocalist. 

Next is Justin Timberlake. Aged 11, he participated in the Reality Show Star Search singing country songs. This then led him to become a disney child actor along with Brittany Spears and such. Ever since, Justin has been very sucessful.
This one I had no idea about! Emma took part in the VH1 Talent show search for the next Partridge Family when she was younger. The show did not result in a sucessful television series after, but Emma was soon playing parts in tv episodes after her stint on the show. Look where she is now! 

Finally, this one really started her career. Queen B was on a reality show aged 8! Like Justin, she appeared on the show Star Seach. Beyonce and childhood friend Kelly Rowland were placed in a girl group for the show, but they did not win. This resulted in reducing the band to three members (who we now know as Destinys Child) and putting a real strain on Bey's family. But hey, good things come to those who wait. 

That is it, I hope you enjoyed. Which one did you find the most shocking? Any post requests? Comment below! 

P.s none of these photos are my own! 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Non Favourite Products Recently- November 2014.

Hey! Its phoebs :)
To be honest I didn't have loads of favourites in October to show you, so I thought I would change it up a bit and do my least favourites recently! I cannot belive it is already november- how did that even happen? It will soon be 2015. Whaat? But my favourite time of year is coming up too- CHRISTMAS! I feel like it is just about socially acceptable to be excited for christmas now. All the christmas adverts are on TV (#montythepenguin), starbucks and costa drinks are all festive (lets talk about the toffee nut 
latte), and the weather is bloody freezing. Haha. Anyways on with the least favourites! 

This is the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer. I started using this in september and I wore it to school and it kept my makeup on all day, plus did a teeny bit of blurring too. Alas, like with my porefessional this silicone based primer really broke me out. My skin must not get along with silicone based products haha. I preferred this to the pore fessional but this broke me out more. Sad times. 
Next up is the Maybelline Erase Eye Concealer. Its not so much the product, its the shades. I have the maybelline Fit Me concealer as well and I had the struggles getting the shade right. I have the shade light, but there was also a nude shade which looked identical. I am not sure whether it was the lightest one or not but hey ho. The Maybelline Fit Me concealers shade ranges were in numbers and I got shade 10 but I find it too dark! Its very confusing. Anyways, I like the erase eye, but it does oxidise leaving your concealer a bit orange looking. 

My next bad product is the Stila Eyeshadow Stick. 
I love the colour, but the product is so hard to apply. It is not creamy at all. Plus it is a smudge stick, but it is so hard to be precise with. Finally, it wears off very quickly leaving you with faded purple eyes. Bummer. 

Finally, I am not liking the MUA lipliner in Softly Lined. I love the red lipliner, but not this. You have to press very hard to get any sort of colour and this makes it go blunt very easily. It does not bode well with chapped lips but if you apply a lip balm before the product does not stay on your lips. It was only £1 so you get what you pay for, but the red liner is very good. 

Thats it for this post, I hope you enjoyed. Have you tried any of these products? Also tweet me if you are excited for christmas (and more importantly, my xmas blog series with Ellie haha) 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Autumn/ Winter Lookbook 2014

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Wow I haven't posted in a week! I have been working really hard on this post so you can really enjoy it. These are my four go-to autumn and winter outfits, so some items have been used in two outfits, but it is because I really like the piece. I hope you enjoy and lets get started! 

OUTFIT 1: Cosy Fall Day

I really like the texture of the skirt, it adds more to the outfit than a normal skater skirt. Personally I love the boots. They look slightly knitted and the brown doesn't look 'cheap' which is rare for brown boots! Deichman is a forgein brand but there is a shop where I live, so if you see one, take a look in, the selection is great! 

OUTFIT 2: Winter Walks

Firstly, my lovely friend Millie took these photos, so thanks to her! I love this coat. I wrote about this coat and various others here, so I went out and got it. It is so warm and cosy, plus the colour goes with everything I own haha. As it is topshop expect other people to have it (haha) but wear it with pride! This outfit was really about layering. Out of these pieces so many looks can be created!

OUTFIT 3: Festive Party
I feel like I look quite edgy in this, which is something I actually like about the look! Without the jacket the look is still wearable for a party, but pretty casual too. The jacket keeps you (vaguely) warm and livens up the whole look. Can we also just talk about these shoes? Heeled Suade Chelsea Boots for £29.99. I. Love. H&m. 

OUTFIT 4: Autumnal Attire
I wore this look to school on mufti (own clothes) day, and surprisingly, got a couple of compliments! I'm not really known for being uber trendy haha. This cardigan is the best thing ever, it is so easy to throw on over any outfit. I love the floral print of the top, it brightens up the outfit but is still quite seasonal. My jeans are last years topshop baxter jeans, but I am sure topshop sell very similar ones this year too.

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook, I would love to know which look is your favourite! If you have any post requests, please tweet/instagram/comment :)