Friday, 7 November 2014

Autumn/ Winter Lookbook 2014

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Wow I haven't posted in a week! I have been working really hard on this post so you can really enjoy it. These are my four go-to autumn and winter outfits, so some items have been used in two outfits, but it is because I really like the piece. I hope you enjoy and lets get started! 

OUTFIT 1: Cosy Fall Day

I really like the texture of the skirt, it adds more to the outfit than a normal skater skirt. Personally I love the boots. They look slightly knitted and the brown doesn't look 'cheap' which is rare for brown boots! Deichman is a forgein brand but there is a shop where I live, so if you see one, take a look in, the selection is great! 

OUTFIT 2: Winter Walks

Firstly, my lovely friend Millie took these photos, so thanks to her! I love this coat. I wrote about this coat and various others here, so I went out and got it. It is so warm and cosy, plus the colour goes with everything I own haha. As it is topshop expect other people to have it (haha) but wear it with pride! This outfit was really about layering. Out of these pieces so many looks can be created!

OUTFIT 3: Festive Party
I feel like I look quite edgy in this, which is something I actually like about the look! Without the jacket the look is still wearable for a party, but pretty casual too. The jacket keeps you (vaguely) warm and livens up the whole look. Can we also just talk about these shoes? Heeled Suade Chelsea Boots for £29.99. I. Love. H&m. 

OUTFIT 4: Autumnal Attire
I wore this look to school on mufti (own clothes) day, and surprisingly, got a couple of compliments! I'm not really known for being uber trendy haha. This cardigan is the best thing ever, it is so easy to throw on over any outfit. I love the floral print of the top, it brightens up the outfit but is still quite seasonal. My jeans are last years topshop baxter jeans, but I am sure topshop sell very similar ones this year too.

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook, I would love to know which look is your favourite! If you have any post requests, please tweet/instagram/comment :)


  1. Lovely outfits. You look stunning! x

    1. Glad you liked them! And thank you! I will try and email you soon ,we havent talked in a while aha x

  2. love all these outfits x

    1. Thank you :) if you take inspiration from tem please tweet (@ThisChicGeek) or instagram (@geekchicnotes) them to me!xxx

  3. I love Outfit #3! The leather jacket is adorable. Mind checking out my blog, lovely? xx


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