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Celebrities Who Got Famous Through Reality TV

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As many of you will know two of my most popular posts EVER are on child stars gone bad, you can read them both here and here. It was getting pretty hard to continue that series, so I thought I would do something slightly similar, but on celebrities who got famous through reality television. I won't be talking about the obvious ones like One Direction, Joey Essex, The Kardashians or Lauren Conrad though. I found most of these celebrites from american sites so I don't think there are any British people in here, maybe next time? I didn't know that these people came from reality TV, so I am hoping you don't either haha. 

First off I will be talking about Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole's career started when she was on the reality show Popstars with a former girl group. I think I had heard this before so it didn't surprise me too much. The group was called Edens Crush and were a bit of one hit wonders. She was the lead vocalist. 

Next is Justin Timberlake. Aged 11, he participated in the Reality Show Star Search singing country songs. This then led him to become a disney child actor along with Brittany Spears and such. Ever since, Justin has been very sucessful.
This one I had no idea about! Emma took part in the VH1 Talent show search for the next Partridge Family when she was younger. The show did not result in a sucessful television series after, but Emma was soon playing parts in tv episodes after her stint on the show. Look where she is now! 

Finally, this one really started her career. Queen B was on a reality show aged 8! Like Justin, she appeared on the show Star Seach. Beyonce and childhood friend Kelly Rowland were placed in a girl group for the show, but they did not win. This resulted in reducing the band to three members (who we now know as Destinys Child) and putting a real strain on Bey's family. But hey, good things come to those who wait. 

That is it, I hope you enjoyed. Which one did you find the most shocking? Any post requests? Comment below! 

P.s none of these photos are my own! 

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