Monday, 17 November 2014

Christmas Blogging 2014!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I am currently sitting on my bed in my xmas pj's, wrapped up in my christmas blanket. What a life haha. I am so excited to announce to you guys what festive blogging I will be getting up to this year! Last year I did the four days of festivity, but as my best friend Ellie is now a blogger, we are going to be doing a christmas series together! 

The series is going to be two posts a week, one on each blog and posibly even more on the week leading up to christmas as we have a lot of ideas! Each week the posts will be along the same lines but different takes on it- for example I will be doing a budget gift guide and ellie will do a high end gift guide. We want to keep it a bit of a mystery so I will not tell you what weeks will be which posts, but the posts planned are gift guides, christmas baking, decorations and christmas tags. As I said we have room to do even more when we are off school so send in requests ASAP so we can plan! Please comment on mine or ellies blogs, tweet Ellie or myself, and you can instagram me as well (@geekchicnotes) 

In case you don't celebrate christmas and to avoid you getting a christmas overload, I will be posting other things as well throughout december, like november favourites, makeup tutorials, OOTD's and such. It basically just means my blogging will be normal, but with a bonus christmas post every week! Except when it gets to the week before christmas and the excitement becomes too much. Haha anyways.... 

That is all I had to tell you guys, I hope you are excited as I am! Please leave post requests for us, it would be great to know what you wanna see! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

P.s what should we call the series? Tell me name ideas!

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