Saturday, 29 November 2014

DIY Mint Hot Chocolate Recipe!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Feels like a while since I have posted! School and rehearsals have gone a bit crazy, but now it should all become calm again, only thing I now have to deal with is parents evening. Wish me luck haha. Anyways today is my first Christmas post! How exciting! This one isn't a collab with Ellie, but look out for them next week. Cannot quite believe it is December on Monday. 
The hot chocolate tasted so good, it was quite sickly though so my advice would be to not overload your drink with chocolate chips and cream though, haha.

You will need: Aero Mint Chocolate (or any mint chocolate) 
Squirty Cream 
Cocoa powder
Chocolate Chips 
Candy Cane 

To measure the milk, I just poured it into my mug so I would know how much would fit. 
Firstly, heat the milk at a low to medium heat on your stove. 
Once this is pretty warm add in 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder to give it an extra chocolate boost. Mix this in with a wooden spoon.
Next add your mint chocolate. I made the drink around 2 weeks ago, but I am pretty sure I used just over 2 thirds of the bar. I would suggest having a medium heat for this part. Add this in gradually and stir so there are now lumps.
Keep the drink heating on the stove till it is pretty hot (but dont burn yourselves!). After this pour your drink into the mug and add cream. I suppose you don't have to but what is hot chocolate without cream? 
 Finally, to decorate the drink I used chocolate chips (or mini marshmallows would work) and a candy cane, to add extra minty goodness to the drink. As I said early go easy on the chocolate chips! 
Now, enjoy your drink! 

I love making drinks like this because in coffee shops like starbucks and costs the festive drinks are pretty expensive if you wanted them regularly. Plus I havent seen a mint hot chocolate on either of their festive drinks list! 

I hope you enjoyed the post and I would love it if you did make this to send me a picture! Or just comment what your favourite festive drink is :) 


  1. Looks lovely Phoebe!

    Loved this post!

    Bec x

    1. Thank you! If you try it be sure to tweet (@ThisChicGeek) or instagram (@geekchicnotes) me pics! xox

  2. seriously going to try this out! looks so delicious! great post hunny!!xox

    1. If you do try it, please send pictures :) it was soo good and festive! Thanks so much xox

  3. That looks AMAZING! I'm so going to make this over the holidays! Great post!! :) x

    1. Thank you so much! It tasted amazing, so festive too! Would love to see your recreation :) xo


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