Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Goals

Hey! Its phoebs :)
This is the second last seasonal post, promise! Just wait til valentines day haha. These posts have been pooping up all over the blogsphere the past couple of days, so it was only fair I joined the bandwagon. I am not really a person for new years resoloutions, I like to set myself 'targets' to achieve by the end of next year. I think this is more productive, despite how silly the tasks may seem haha. I am sure I did a post last January about my 2014 goals, but I must of deleted it so I can't really look back on that. Remind me not to delete this post until this time next year so I can look back. Overall I have had a great year: lovely friends, experiences, family, memories. I wouldn't say its been the best year of my life as I don't think thats happened yet. Anyways, lets get on with the goals! 

1. Be happy within myself
This is the only deep one in here, so skip ahead if your not interested! This only occoured to me on a late night  Tumblr session a couple of weeks ago, but I'm not confident within myself. I'm not talking body confidence, I'm pretty happy with the skin I'm in (well as happy as a teenage girl usually is). I basically mean I want to stop doing little things like being worried what everyone else thinks of what I do. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but if I was completely happy within myself I don't think I would worry as much. Anyone else feel my vibe?!? 

2. Take more risks
I didn't want to have the goal 'say yes more' as I thought it was a bit overdone, but in essence, thats what I want to do. YOLO. 

3. Have 200 Blog Followers// Expand my blog
My goal for 2014 was to have 100 followers, and that happened in September, and we already have over 130 followers! Lets try and reach the goal :) (p.s you can follow the blog here) I really just want to expand my blog and post the best posts I can. I want to be able to see my blog grow between here and january 2016. 

4. Completely Wreck This Journal
I got the Wreck This Journal book for Christmas, and I really want to complete every possible task in it before the end of 2015. I'm not sure why haha, but I will be very satisfied if I do. 

5. Fill a memory jar
I've seen these all over instagram and tumblr, and I think it looks so cute, plus its a great momento of the year. It will remind me of all the awesome things I've done that year! I will be talking more on the memory jar idea in a post coming up this week. 

6. Stick to a good skincare routine
This one seems silly, and as a teenager its near impossible to have 'perfect' skin, but hey a girl can try! I always end up being too relaxed on my skincare routine, and as a result my skin gets worse. I am determind to stick to a good routine. 

They are all the main goals of my year. Of course I have more silly little goals but these are the ones I really want to achieve this up coming year. Also I didn't mention any school related goalas as they are on going for me and not specific to the start of a new year.
I hope you have enjoyed the festive season and have a lovely new year wether your partying tonight or staying in, like myself. I wish you all the best for 2015.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Geek Chic Year // Yearly Blogging Roundup

Hey! Its phoebs :)
2015 is almost upon us, how this year has flown by. I saw on Vivanna Does Makeup's blog that she does a post about her blog for that year, and I thought I would do one myself! Obviously blogging is by no means about the statistics, but I thought it might be quite fun to see how my blog has grown and its most popular posts of 2014. I guess this won't appeal to everyone, but I fancied having a go haha. 

***Recently friends from school have found my twitter, and I guess theres not much I can do about it but embrace it, so hello! Yes this is a thing, and I really enjoy blogging so lets not have a "lol phoebe has a makeup blog" moment. Enjoy the post!*** 

My most popular posts written in 2014. 

5. Makeup Collection -I was so excited to upload that post, mainly because I had finally organised my makeup! My makeup collection was (and still is) a reasonable size. I found it crazy watching big beauty gurus makeup collections on youtube as they were so large! Fair enough I guess, because they do get sent products and for some of them makeup is part of their job. However I still wanted to show you that the majority of girls/women don't own half the stuff beauty gurus do haha. I plan on doing an updated collection in 2015!

4. Tips for Starting a Blog -This made me so much more confident with blogging. I got such great feedback from you, I got a fair few emails from bloggers just starting out and I loved that! Please do feel free to email me, I know I email fellow bloggers haha. I feel like I really covered the basics and in summary- anyone can blog. I am glad this post is popular, it makes me very happy. 

3. DIY Mint Hot ChocolateMy favourite DIY by far. My mum and I got really into the photos for that post, with my mother suggesting draping the fairy lights by the drink. She also wanted to make the kitchen look good in the post haha. I would love more DIY suggestions, as they might be my favourite posts to write (when they go well) and if you guys like them, I'll keep doing them! 

2. Makeup Brush Collection - My second most popular post written in 2014! I have never really seen posts/videos solely about makeup brushes, so this was exciting to do. I find makeup brushes can get expensive, so considering my whole collection was drugstore, I felt very pleased showing you guys them. Since then I have aquired many more brushes, so I may have to do an updated post too. 

1. Disney Stars Gone Even More Wrong- It baffles me that a post I wrote on the 4th January last year is not only my most popular post of 2014, but my most popular post ever! Even the original postis still pretty popular. Its not to do with beauty, fashion or lifestyle really! Nonetheless I am glad you enjoyed it, shows me I can always change my poste up a bit. 

I started off the year with 50 GFC followers, yet somehow I ended up with 135 or so BlogLovin Followers. Thank you so much, your support is everything. This has been my first full year blogging from January til December and I have loved it. Heres to an even more amazing year ahead! 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas Day/What I Got for Christmas

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I hope you are all enjoying the festive season, even if we are approaching the end of it soon. My grandparents have gone home so I feel as if my festive spirit is slowly dieing down *sighs*. I was planning on doing a Christmas Day GRWM but I have managed to loose all of the pictures of the products I used. Therefore this will be more of a chatty post. Hope you enjoy! 

 The key products in this look that I can remember are:
Concealer: Mac Prolongwear (my first mac product!)
Brows: Benefit Browzings
Eyeliner: Soap and Glory Supercat Liner
Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew in 170 'Alarm' 

I love this look. Usually I wouldn't go for winged liner and a red lip, but I thought hey its christmas! I am starting to get the hang of winged liner, maybe there will be a tutorial in the future? 

Christmas Day itself was lovely. I made cinamon swirls for breakfast, we then opened our stockings and afterwards got ready for the day. It was so relaxed and jolly. Christmas dinner was of course amazing, although I still felt slightly ill so my appetite was fairly small. We all went out for a walk (burning off all the food haha) and came back to relax infront of the TV. If you follow me on TWITTER, you will know I decided to change into comfier clothes at this point (m&s pj's are the bomb). I am very sad its all over, but a new year means new oppourtunites. 

I wanted to thank you all for your huge support of this blog. If you followed me at the beggining of 2014, you will know my goal was 100 GFC followers by the end of the year. Obviously this hasn't happened, but I have managed to build up my BlogLovin from 0 to 135 in one year, which is crazy.  My goal for 2015 will be to have 200 followers by Christmas time. Anything is possible! 

Now, I wanted to show you some of the amazing presents my family gave to me. I want you to know I am not bragging at all, I am soo grateful for everything and Christmas isn't just about the presents. 
I am so happy with these brushes, I feel my makeup brush collection is there or there abouts complete now. Updated brush collection in the future maybe? 
I got bits and bobs of high end beauty products. I was so lucky to get these as most beauty bloggers will know how expensive high end makeup can get. It will be put to good use I assure you! Also the topshop rings are just gorgeous. 
Finally I wanted to show you the two books I got. The Lauren Conrad Beauty book is now my beauty bible. I have pretty much read all of it now and I love it so much. I think the wreck this journal is so cool and the ideas in it are very funny. 

That it all for todays post, and in fact this is the last Christmas post of 2014! I hope you enjoyed all of the posts, they were some of my favourites to write. Comment below what your favourite thing about your christmas day! 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Christmas Tag- #FestiveChristmasCollab

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Woo its Christmas Eve! How excited is everyone for christmas? With Christmas being TOMORROW this marks the end of my festive posts! Well, not entirely, that is if you want a What I Got For Christmas Haul. But it is the end of my FestiveChristmasCollab with Ellie. Please let us know if you want more collabs, that can always be arranged! 

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For our final posts in the series we decided to do 2 different Christmas Tags, so check out Ellie's blog for the other set of questions. I was actually tagged by Guilianna Marie, to do this post, so thank you Guilianna, I enjoyed reading your answers! Lets get started. 

Favourite Holiday Starbucks Drink?
Phoebs: I love the Toffee Nut Latte. I am not sure when it gets discontinued, but I will be very sad. 
Ellie: I'm not into coffee, so just a classic hot chocolate. 

Favourite Christmas Candle
P: My Aunt actually has a candle business where she goes round county shows and sells them online too. She recently sent us an 'apple crackle' scented diffuser which is gorgeous. It gives our home a warm, winters smell. There is a candle variation of the scent so technically it is a candle haha. Check out her site here
E: I don't burn that many candles, but I was recently in Yankee Candle and Cranberry Ice smelt divine.
P: Ooh I gave them as a couple christmas gifts, they are perfect. I kept two minis for myself, I loved them that much haha, 

(Not my own photo!)

Giving Or Recieving Presents? 
E: Giving, because when you know the person will love the present, for example with your present, I cannot wait to give it to them to see their reaction!
P: Ellie got me a mug with really cute elephants on it, firstly we have an inside joke to do with elephants, and secondly I always go on about drinking coffee (because coffee is life duh) so its perfect! Anyways I was going to say the same thing.

Do You Wear Pj's Or Get Dressed Up On Christmas Day? 
P: I open my stocking presents in my pj's but I always get dressed up for the rest of the day. Its part of christmas! 
E: It depends on whos coming round on Christmas. If its just my mum, dad and sister I keep it more casual, but more family are coming round this year so I will probably make more of an effort haha. 
P: Bearing in mind I do usually get some cozy clothes at Christmas. Usually after lunch I will put on any of the comfy clothes I have gotten, like a beanie or fluffy socks. Last year I got a dressing gown which I pretty much wore from Christmas til 2014 haha. 

Do You Open Presents On Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
P: I never open presents on Christmas Eve! Always in the morning.
E: We usually open presents on Christmas afternoon haha. 

What Are Your Plans For Christmas This Year?
P: My grandparents are coming over for a couple of days, but other than that, not much.
E: Same here, some of my family are coming round for Christmas Day.

Candy Canes Or Gingerbread Men?
E+P: Gingerbread men! You can check out when we made gingerbread men on the post linked at the top.

What Is At The Top Of Your Christmas List? 
P: Basically just makeup haha. Beauty junkie right here.
E: I would love new headphones!

Do You Have An Advent Calendar?
E: Of course!
P: Mine is Cadburys.

What Do You Have For Christmas Dinner? 
E: All the classic stuff I guess.
P: Same, but extra pigs in blankets haha. When my mums parents come for christmas there is also gammon because my grandad won't eat turkey, so I will have a bit of that too. 

Do You Prefer Fake Christmas Trees Or Real? 
P: Real, but I can see why people would prefer fake.
E: Real all the way! 

That is it! All the christmassy questions answered! If you want even more christmas questions answered by us, remember to check out Ellies blog.
I hope you have enjoyed our #FestiveChristmasCollab posts, do you want more #Phellie posts? ;) 
This is my last post before Christmas, so have a merry Christmas filled with love tomorrow!
P.s this is my 100th post in 2014! :0 
pps I didn't tag anyone because it is already christmas eve so by the time anyone would of written their posts it could of been too late. But if anyone wants to do it, feel free! I love reading them :) 

Monday, 22 December 2014

A Very Merry Christmas To You All

Hey! Its phoebs :) 

Recently I have really started to appreciate the fact that blogging has impacted my life quite a bit- I mean its my favourite hobby! You all know a lot about me and constantly support me by reading, commenting and following this blog, and I suppose I wanna say thanks! 

As it is this time of year, it only made sense to show you my gratitude. I emailed a couple of BlogLovin followers wishing them a Merry Christmas, and I will be emailing some of my favourite bloggers too. But I wanted to wish you all a happy christmas, and if you don't celebrate, still have a great week! I love you all and expect lots in 2015! I love reading all your lovely comments/tweets/emails, it really makes my day. Talking with you all is amazing. 

Have a very merry Christmas and have a safe, happy New Year. 
P.s main photo is not my own!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Natural Collection Blush in 'Sugar Plum' Review

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I feel like I haven't done a full on review of an actual makeup item in ages, and thats what I am here with today. If you have been reading this blog a while, you will know I find reviews quite difficult to write.  Nonetheless  I wanted to show you guys this product and here we are :) 

I really needed a new blush because my Benefit Rockateur was running out and I wanted to experiment with colours a bit. Natural Collection makeup is very affordable, so I checked out what shades they had, and for £1.99, this caught my eye.

The blush is a gorgeous matte plum colour, which can be applied lightly to the apples of your cheeks for a natural winter flush. I also really like using it as a light contour because of the dark colour. I think this looks more natural than an average bronzer. 

The colour pay off is buildable. For £1.99 you are not expecting a top quality pigmentation, but it is very possible to achieve that colour too. Personally I find highly pigmented blushes a bit scary, plus this colour is quite bold for me anyways haha. 

Overall I am very pleased with this product, I will be checking out more shades from the range. Its only downside is the packaging: the blush fell out of the packaging within the first week. Considering the product and the price however, I'm not complaining. 
Merry Christmas!x

Winter Day In The Life

Hey! Its phoebs :) 
Seasonal morning/night routines are very fun to write and always seem quite popular. I originally was planning on doing two posts: one for the morning and one for the night. However, both pots would of been pretty similar and quite short, so I thought I would show you my whole day instead! 

Firstly, when I wake up I lie in bed thinking about stuff for a while, then I gain the energy to check my phone. Shoutout to everyone who was on my phone screen at the moment haha. Then I go downstairs and my dog greets me as always, and I played with her for a bit. Next I have my breakfast. I can never usually be bothered to do anything fancy, so I either have cereal or toast. Or both. Today I had cheerios and orange juice. 

I went back upstairs and watched some youtube videos before getting dressed. My look today is very monochrome but ah well. 
Top: Zara (old)
Skirt: Primark

( I also put deoderant in at this point, incase you thought I smelt haha) 

Then I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face. 
This is my current facewash. It is pink (always good) and smells lovely. I always feel really fresh after useing it. Only problem is that it takes a while to lather it into the skin, but I have time at the moment. 
 I went back to my room and applied moisturiser, and while that sunk in I brushed my hair and clipped it back. 

I then did my makeup. If you would like a tutorial on this look, let me know but it was a pretty basic look. 
 I feel the red lipstick really made my eyes pop. I'm not sure why or how though. 

Then my mother kindly made me a coffee, which I usually make myself. Little secret- I applied my lipstick after my coffee ha. 

I then went into town with my mum and brother and our first stop was Muffin Break for more hot drinks! I had a hot chocolate. I don't typically go into town that often, but my brother and I had presents to buy for our parents. After our drinks we went and bought the presents and all met up again. We stayed for lunch in town and I had a KFC. Normally we stay home for lunch and I will have soup or a sandwich, but sometimes you gotta treat yourself ;) 

Afterwards we went home and I wrapped the presents (as you can see above). Then I watched some Netflix. 

I then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon doing as little as possible: listening to music, going on tumbr etc. I did start planning and writing tomorrows post, so I was very productive! I decided to have a shower before dinner, so I removed my makeup before getting in. 
In the shower I washed my hair+body and exfoliated my face with the St Ives apricot scrub. If you would like a whole post on my shower/hair routine, let me know. I dried my hair after my shower. 

Dinner! I forgot to take a photo as I was so hungry haha, but I had salad with grilled chicken. I also had a gingerbread man which I made with Ellie (fuchsia flamingo) yesterday. 

Afterwards I just put on my pjs and chilled out until Text Santa came on TV. I am currently watching that, and once its over/I get too tired I will brush my teeth and go to bed. 

(Old school OOTD photo =D ) 
Top: Hollister (old) 
Bottoms: Debenhams 

That is all for my day in the life post, I hope you enjoyed it. It was slightly different from a normal post I guess, but ah well its Christmas!
Merry Christmas!x 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Baking- #FestiveChristmasCollab

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Today I was round at Ellies house (see my friends are real haha) and we were doing some Christmas baking! I wanted to make mini doughnut cakepop thingies and Ellie wanted to make gingerbread men. It was a lot of fun and very sucessful (except our first attempt of gingerbread men- more of that on Ellies blogsoon though) . I wanted to show you our creations. By no means is this a baking tutorials as we literally just copied the recipe. If you would like to see the recipe however, comment below and I will make sure to post it later. 
In summary you basically mix the wet ingriedients together, then the dry ones, and combine it all. Then we used the cake pop machine as normal. As you can see above, some of them really expanded whilst cooking haha. A cake pop maker is a lot of fun, if you were looking into buying one I would really recommend it! Mine is from Lakelands. 

Between cooking Ellie and I really enjoyed 'testing out' the mixture ;) 

The 'cake pop' doughnuts themselves were very nice. They were thicker than cake based cake pops because we used a doughnut recipe. I personally think I preferred this because this could still be passed off as cake, but it has a more interesting taste. We were planning on adding cinnamon to the doughnuts for a festive feel, however Ellies cinnamon went out of date in 2006! Whoops. 

 To keep the cake pops festive we decorated some of them as best as we could (decorating spheres is very hard you know) in a Christmassy way. Above is a little Santa head and the other is a snowflake/snowman I think haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to check out Ellies blog if you want to hear more about the gingerbread men. If you bake anything over the festive season send myself and Eliie pictures over twitter! My name is @ThisChicGeek and Ellie is @fuchsiaflaming0 . Or just comment below what you have already baked. 
Merry Christmas!x  

P.s I would love 130 Bloglovin followers by Christmas, so if you havent already, please follow this blog via bloglovin! It would mean the world. The button to do so should be to the right of this post :) 

Kylie at M&Co Top Picks November 2014

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Today its time for my latest top picks from Kylie at M&Co! If havent read my past posts on kylie, this is a monthly thing I do where I talk about clothes from the brand. I am not paid to do this but I am in contact with the brand. Somehow the way I have planned my posts (I have planned them up until christmas- organisation is on point ha) this might be my last one before christmas, but bear with me on that haha. 

First up I have this gorgeous playsuit at £22. It would be perfect for christmas parties (I'll be wearing it to all 0 parties I'll be going to. *sobs*) as I love the metallic look of the top. The contrast of black and metallic is interesting too. I haven't seen much like this around, so I would go check it out. 
Next is this super cute christmas jumper. I feel like everyone needs a christmas jumper. At £22 it is more pricey than the primark ones, but hey the quality is bound to be better too. Lets just all appriciate the polar bear on the jumper. AWWH. 

This is definately the best bargin. This monochrome top could be dressed up or down and is versitile for all the seasons. It is only £10. I would wear it with leggings and a leather jacket or a skater skirt, tights and a knitted cardi. 

Thats all today, I hope you enjoyed. What was your favourite piece? I will post again tomorrow.

All I want for Christmas... M&Co Blogger Competition

Hey! Its phoebs :)
A couple of days ago Nicola from M&Co contacted me regarding M&Co's latest blogger competiton, encouraging me to get involved. I love these competitions, especially where free clothes are at stake! The challenge is to create your Christmas M&Co Wishlist for under £100. Everything I am about to show you only costs £82.90, which is considerably under budget. I hope you enjoy and any other bloggers wanting to enter can find out details here

1. Sequin Robin Jumper, £29 . 
This jumper is the cutest Christmas jumper I have seen. I love the fact there are sequins in it, sequins are always a huge trend this time of year, as well as novelty jumpers so it was impossible for me to not include this beauty, haha. It is not as bold as other jumpers, which personally I love because you can look festive, yet stylish at a christmas jumper party.  
2. Kylie Studded Collar Tie Front Blouse, £16. 
As you know I love Kylie and this top in their partywear section jumped out at me. I love having collars peeking out over sweaters, and the contrast of the white and the black of the sweater above would be perfect. The studs add a subtle edge to the top, which is a style I am into. I would love to recieve this because it is so versatile, and could even be worn on its own in the summer. 

3. Kylie Tartan Scarf, £8.
I love tartan, all day ever day. Tartan has gotten huge recently, which I am not complaining about haha. Even when I was younger I loved tartan skirts, prints, the lot. Anyways, tartan is very Christmas appropriate as it reminds me of cosy nights. I would love this tartan scarf because it would be suitable for layering, and it would brighten up my monochrome looks with the festive red. 
4. Gold Chain Bracelet, £6. 
I was very impressed with the price of this bracelet, I suspect even if I don't win I will have to purchase this. This subtle hint of gold in an outfitwould match the scarf perfectly, and who doesnt love a classic gold coloured bracelet? If you were looking for a last minute xmas prezzie, go check this out, as there is an adjustable clasp so it would fit all wrist sizes. 
5. Herringbone Cross Body Bag, £17.50 
I am a bag kinda gal. I love them too much! I restrained myself from asking for a new bag for Christmas, but when I was browzing the M&Co website in creating my wishlist, I couldn't resist! I don't own this size cross body bag, nor a bag with 2 materials like this. I think it is a very elegant, fashionable bag, and looks great quality. This would be perfect to open under the Christmas tree because when is a new bag not a good idea? 
6. Polar Bear Slipper Footsies, £6. 
Okay, these slippers don't really correspond with any of the items mentioned above, but after a long festive day everyone needs to relax, and wear cute slippers! The design was too gorgeous not to mention. You can never go wrong with some slippers to end the day at the height of comfort. 

That concludes my wishlist, fingers crossed my maths is correct but this all cost less than £100! To recieve these items would be amazing, definitely would end the year on a high! I think this wishlist proves the amount of clothes you can get for under £100, which is always reassuring. H
Merry Christmas!x 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Amie Skincare Daily Moisturiser Review

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Upon reading my amie face mask review, the lovely people at amie got in touch and asked if I would like to receive some Amie products! Naturally I said yes, and I am reviewing one of them today. They sent me 2 products: this moisturiser and the face mask which I already own (I might save this for a future giveaway?) as well as a little leaflet with all the amie products listed. A massive thank you to Sam for sending me the products, it was a nice little treat. Of course, none of it could of happened without my wonderful readers and followers, so thank you! Now enough of this long introduction, lets get going. 

I have really been loving this moisturiser. I have recently changed up my skin care routine and this has been well used haha. It says it is a 'hydrating daily mosituriser' to be used in the mornings. It includes lots of rose extract, which gives the product a fresh, floral scent. The product is 'ph balanced' and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

I have normal/combination skin, and the product claims to be light on the skin. It is light in the way that it easily absorbs into the skin, but it's consistancy is just as thick as that of an average daily moisturier. A little goes a long way with this,  which is always good as you get more for your money. The product only costs £4.95 , whichs adds to its appeal haha. 

On the skin, I notice a subtle glow whenever I wear it but nothing shiny. I never feel my face being dry during the day when wearing this. If you have oily skin, this might not be the product for you just beacause it is not specifically geared towards oily skin, but not to fear, if you do still want to try the amie range (I would suggest you do) there is a matte finish mosituriser for oily skin, which is around the same price point as the moisturiser I own.

Overall, I love this moisturiser and definately recommend you try it, considering the price. I have linked the amie website at the beggining of this post, but amie is also avaliable in John Lewis and Waitrose. 
Hope you enjoyed the post, have you tried this brand?
Merry Christmas!x

P.s once again a huge thanks to amie for sending the products! 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Winter Day to Night Makeup Look

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Merry Christmas! I am feeling positively festive, with lots more Christmas posts to come (check my last one out here)As it is Christmas party season I thought I would show you some festive makeup. I am also combining this with my everyday winter makeup look too. There is some jazzed up winged liner (made super easy) with the possibility to add a red lip. I personally didn't wear a red lip just because I wore the 'night' look during the day, what a rebel I am haha. Lets get started.
First I am starting with my base. I used the maybelline dream fresh BB cream on my face and the Urban Decay Primer Potion on my lids. I use the primer sparingly, as mine is only a tiny sample size. 
Next off I did my eye makeup. I am sososo sorry I always use the naked pallete, but I love it to death. All you really need for the day look is two different shades of brown. I applied the lighter brown on a flat brush all over my lid, then the darker brown on a fluffy brush in my crease. Then blend. 
I then curled my lashes and applied mascara just to my upper lashes. 

I then went back to my base, applying under eye concealer (maybelline fit me) and concealer on my blemishes (L'Oreal True Match) with my Real Techniques pointed foundation brush.
I powdered with the L'Oreal True Match powder, which I recently hit pan on. It is clearly well loved.

For brows I filled them in as I normally would with benefit browzings. I applied a tinted red lip balm for my lips, and the day look is complete!

Onto the evening party look. Firstly, I reapplied concealer where needed, and used a translucent powder on top, to avoid cakeyness. 

For eyes, I used black eyeshadow to do a winged liner. I followed my lower lashline and used the line the angled brush gave for the flick. Then, to add a festive feel I did the same with a gold shade above the black wing. I left it like this, but for maximum effect I would go over the black wing with liquid liner and apply the gold wing on a slightly damp brush. Finally, I tightlined my eyes for the effect of thicker lashes.

Then for my cheeks, I used a natural collection blush in the shade Sugar Plum on my cheeks, and as it is quite dark I used it as a slight contour too. I highlighted my cheekbones with a really old bourjois pearl eyeshadow, which looks lovely.
For lips, I applied a pink lipgloss because as I said, I wore this look in the day, but I would definately wear a red lip at night. I use the rimmel moisture renew red lipstick. 
That is my whole makeup look! Hope you enjoyed. If you recreated either look or just a part of it, I would love to see, so please contact me :) whats your favourite festive beauty trend?
Merry Christmas!x