Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Goals

Hey! Its phoebs :)
This is the second last seasonal post, promise! Just wait til valentines day haha. These posts have been pooping up all over the blogsphere the past couple of days, so it was only fair I joined the bandwagon. I am not really a person for new years resoloutions, I like to set myself 'targets' to achieve by the end of next year. I think this is more productive, despite how silly the tasks may seem haha. I am sure I did a post last January about my 2014 goals, but I must of deleted it so I can't really look back on that. Remind me not to delete this post until this time next year so I can look back. Overall I have had a great year: lovely friends, experiences, family, memories. I wouldn't say its been the best year of my life as I don't think thats happened yet. Anyways, lets get on with the goals! 

1. Be happy within myself
This is the only deep one in here, so skip ahead if your not interested! This only occoured to me on a late night  Tumblr session a couple of weeks ago, but I'm not confident within myself. I'm not talking body confidence, I'm pretty happy with the skin I'm in (well as happy as a teenage girl usually is). I basically mean I want to stop doing little things like being worried what everyone else thinks of what I do. I'm not really sure how to explain it, but if I was completely happy within myself I don't think I would worry as much. Anyone else feel my vibe?!? 

2. Take more risks
I didn't want to have the goal 'say yes more' as I thought it was a bit overdone, but in essence, thats what I want to do. YOLO. 

3. Have 200 Blog Followers// Expand my blog
My goal for 2014 was to have 100 followers, and that happened in September, and we already have over 130 followers! Lets try and reach the goal :) (p.s you can follow the blog here) I really just want to expand my blog and post the best posts I can. I want to be able to see my blog grow between here and january 2016. 

4. Completely Wreck This Journal
I got the Wreck This Journal book for Christmas, and I really want to complete every possible task in it before the end of 2015. I'm not sure why haha, but I will be very satisfied if I do. 

5. Fill a memory jar
I've seen these all over instagram and tumblr, and I think it looks so cute, plus its a great momento of the year. It will remind me of all the awesome things I've done that year! I will be talking more on the memory jar idea in a post coming up this week. 

6. Stick to a good skincare routine
This one seems silly, and as a teenager its near impossible to have 'perfect' skin, but hey a girl can try! I always end up being too relaxed on my skincare routine, and as a result my skin gets worse. I am determind to stick to a good routine. 

They are all the main goals of my year. Of course I have more silly little goals but these are the ones I really want to achieve this up coming year. Also I didn't mention any school related goalas as they are on going for me and not specific to the start of a new year.
I hope you have enjoyed the festive season and have a lovely new year wether your partying tonight or staying in, like myself. I wish you all the best for 2015.


  1. Lovely goals you have. I hope you accomplish them all. I would also love to find a good skincare routine and stick to it. Great post, Phoebs! x

    1. Thank you very much! Skincare is always so hard as a teen aha. Xo

  2. Ah a memory jar is such a wicked idea, I'm so doing that, I always have a brain like a seive so it would be nice to look back at things I had forgotten!

    1. It is a really cute idea :) haha exactly, I love easy things like this that don't take up too much time xo


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