Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Baking- #FestiveChristmasCollab

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Today I was round at Ellies house (see my friends are real haha) and we were doing some Christmas baking! I wanted to make mini doughnut cakepop thingies and Ellie wanted to make gingerbread men. It was a lot of fun and very sucessful (except our first attempt of gingerbread men- more of that on Ellies blogsoon though) . I wanted to show you our creations. By no means is this a baking tutorials as we literally just copied the recipe. If you would like to see the recipe however, comment below and I will make sure to post it later. 
In summary you basically mix the wet ingriedients together, then the dry ones, and combine it all. Then we used the cake pop machine as normal. As you can see above, some of them really expanded whilst cooking haha. A cake pop maker is a lot of fun, if you were looking into buying one I would really recommend it! Mine is from Lakelands. 

Between cooking Ellie and I really enjoyed 'testing out' the mixture ;) 

The 'cake pop' doughnuts themselves were very nice. They were thicker than cake based cake pops because we used a doughnut recipe. I personally think I preferred this because this could still be passed off as cake, but it has a more interesting taste. We were planning on adding cinnamon to the doughnuts for a festive feel, however Ellies cinnamon went out of date in 2006! Whoops. 

 To keep the cake pops festive we decorated some of them as best as we could (decorating spheres is very hard you know) in a Christmassy way. Above is a little Santa head and the other is a snowflake/snowman I think haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to check out Ellies blog if you want to hear more about the gingerbread men. If you bake anything over the festive season send myself and Eliie pictures over twitter! My name is @ThisChicGeek and Ellie is @fuchsiaflaming0 . Or just comment below what you have already baked. 
Merry Christmas!x  

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