Tuesday, 2 December 2014

DIY Room Decorations For Christmas- #FestiveChristmasCollab

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Eep this is my first post in December! I hope you are as excited as I am. Over the past week I have been getting rather crafty so I thought I would show you three simple DIY's to decorate your room with for the festive season. In total I spent just over £5 . They are all so easy and look really cute. Whilst you make the decorations, you really need a festive playlist, so  Elliemade a post on her top christmas songs. All my christmas posts are collabs with her so please check out her blog! 

1. Jar Fairy Lights 
You will need: Jars (jam jars would work)
Fairy lights (mine are 20 LEDS from Amazon) 
Ribbon Decorations (I got a set from Clintons) 

All you have to do is arrange the jars and add some decorations like bows and ribbons to them. Then arrange the lights in and around the jars. This looks so cute and is great if you don't want candles burning in your room. 

2. Bow and Ribbon Garland
This is my personal favourite and it is so easy to do. In total this cost £3.50 . 
You will need: 
Bows and ribbons, garden twine (or string) and scissors. 
Arrange the bows in any way you like. 
 Then attach them to your string by folding the sticky part around the string. 
I added ribbon to one end, but you don't have to. 
Now find a suitable place to put your garland and your done! I have never seem anything like this and I am so happy with how it turned out. 

3. Countdown to Christmas

You will need
Coloured Pens

All you do is write out the appropriate amount of numbers depending on when you start your countdown. Then cut these out.
 (The black numbers are the tens and the green the units) 

Then decorate a sheet however you would like for christmas! 
 To stick the numbers on I folded over sticky tape to make it double sided and stuck it to the paper. Basically below the numbers there are 2 bits of sticky tape. 
I just added the red bow to the corner now. 

That is it for my festive decorations! If you don't fancy all the DIY's but want cheap Decor, primark have everything. Comment below your favourite decoration and send me pics if you made any! Be sure to check next week for another christmas post and remember to follow Ellie, as she is doing festive posts too. 
Merry Christmas!x 

P.s be sure to send your post requests to me and ellie in the comments and on twitter! You could even #festivechristmascollab hehe 


  1. Love the bow and ribbon garland. Very pretty and Christmasy! x


  2. I LOVE the fairy lights in the jars! It looks super cute!

    I'm doing BLOGMAS which is blogging every day through December, come check it out if you have a spare 5 minutes in your countdown to Christmas!

    Becca x



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