Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Geek Chic Year // Yearly Blogging Roundup

Hey! Its phoebs :)
2015 is almost upon us, how this year has flown by. I saw on Vivanna Does Makeup's blog that she does a post about her blog for that year, and I thought I would do one myself! Obviously blogging is by no means about the statistics, but I thought it might be quite fun to see how my blog has grown and its most popular posts of 2014. I guess this won't appeal to everyone, but I fancied having a go haha. 

***Recently friends from school have found my twitter, and I guess theres not much I can do about it but embrace it, so hello! Yes this is a thing, and I really enjoy blogging so lets not have a "lol phoebe has a makeup blog" moment. Enjoy the post!*** 

My most popular posts written in 2014. 

5. Makeup Collection -I was so excited to upload that post, mainly because I had finally organised my makeup! My makeup collection was (and still is) a reasonable size. I found it crazy watching big beauty gurus makeup collections on youtube as they were so large! Fair enough I guess, because they do get sent products and for some of them makeup is part of their job. However I still wanted to show you that the majority of girls/women don't own half the stuff beauty gurus do haha. I plan on doing an updated collection in 2015!

4. Tips for Starting a Blog -This made me so much more confident with blogging. I got such great feedback from you, I got a fair few emails from bloggers just starting out and I loved that! Please do feel free to email me, I know I email fellow bloggers haha. I feel like I really covered the basics and in summary- anyone can blog. I am glad this post is popular, it makes me very happy. 

3. DIY Mint Hot ChocolateMy favourite DIY by far. My mum and I got really into the photos for that post, with my mother suggesting draping the fairy lights by the drink. She also wanted to make the kitchen look good in the post haha. I would love more DIY suggestions, as they might be my favourite posts to write (when they go well) and if you guys like them, I'll keep doing them! 

2. Makeup Brush Collection - My second most popular post written in 2014! I have never really seen posts/videos solely about makeup brushes, so this was exciting to do. I find makeup brushes can get expensive, so considering my whole collection was drugstore, I felt very pleased showing you guys them. Since then I have aquired many more brushes, so I may have to do an updated post too. 

1. Disney Stars Gone Even More Wrong- It baffles me that a post I wrote on the 4th January last year is not only my most popular post of 2014, but my most popular post ever! Even the original postis still pretty popular. Its not to do with beauty, fashion or lifestyle really! Nonetheless I am glad you enjoyed it, shows me I can always change my poste up a bit. 

I started off the year with 50 GFC followers, yet somehow I ended up with 135 or so BlogLovin Followers. Thank you so much, your support is everything. This has been my first full year blogging from January til December and I have loved it. Heres to an even more amazing year ahead! 

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