Saturday, 6 December 2014

November Favourites!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
November was a month I did not look forward to. I had (too) many rehearsals, the weather got cold and it wasn't quite close enough to Christmas. But the month flew by and its the 6th of December already! I have some favourites I want to share with you, I hope you enjoy. 

I will start off with random favourites, as they are always quite fun. 
Music: My Spotify Christmas playlist. I just made it public, so if you want to listen to it, my profile is phoebs14 . Comment below your spotify profiles :) 
Drink: As it has been getting colder, I have really been enjoying Caramel Coffee. I use the nespresso machine my family have to make this. When I say I make it I actually mean I put the coffee pod in the machine haha. Also I am loving the starbucks Toffee Nut Latte. Also I made mint hot chocolate this month, you should check out my recipe here . 

Book: I read Zoe Sugg's novel Girl Online in november! Addmittedly it wasn't the best book I have ever read, but I did still enjoy it. 

Website: TUMBLR. I am a little bit obsessed, my tumblr blog link is on the About Me tab. It is so easy to find really cool pictures. I love it! 

Next Catagory is Beauty.  As I do have school, the amount of makeup I wear is limited, which is why I find it hard to do favourites every single month! But I have 4 things to show you. 
Firstly, is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I love this stuff! It is so creamy, yet full coverage. My shade is 10, but I would need a shade lighter in the future as I prefer it under my eyes. 

I have also been loving my Barry M Angled Brush. I use it for doing wings. I have loved a double wing, with my black liquid liner and then my gold eyeshadow winged out as well. This brush is perfect for helping me with this. I will do this in a future makeup look. 

I have been using a lipstick I adored last year. My Collection Lipstick in 03 has been extremely reached for. It is moisturising, smells amazing and I adore the colour. Staying power is a bit of an issue but it was very cheap so hey ho. I feel like the whole Deluxe range by collection must incude at least 1 MAC dupe, but I own no MAC makeup so I wouldnt know haha. 
Finally, my Benefit Rockateur Blush has been pulled out a lot last month! It is so gorgeous. It goes so well with the lipstick , so thats a bonus! I have asked for some more benefit blushes for christmas, they are so worth it. I have also hit pan on this one, which is really sad. 

They are all the favourites I have to show you. I hope you found this interesting, comment below some of your fave things at the moment! Remember to add me on spotify, I would also love to see your playlists too. Next week there will be another christmassy post up too, so look out for that. 

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