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The Christmas Tag- #FestiveChristmasCollab

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Woo its Christmas Eve! How excited is everyone for christmas? With Christmas being TOMORROW this marks the end of my festive posts! Well, not entirely, that is if you want a What I Got For Christmas Haul. But it is the end of my FestiveChristmasCollab with Ellie. Please let us know if you want more collabs, that can always be arranged! 

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For our final posts in the series we decided to do 2 different Christmas Tags, so check out Ellie's blog for the other set of questions. I was actually tagged by Guilianna Marie, to do this post, so thank you Guilianna, I enjoyed reading your answers! Lets get started. 

Favourite Holiday Starbucks Drink?
Phoebs: I love the Toffee Nut Latte. I am not sure when it gets discontinued, but I will be very sad. 
Ellie: I'm not into coffee, so just a classic hot chocolate. 

Favourite Christmas Candle
P: My Aunt actually has a candle business where she goes round county shows and sells them online too. She recently sent us an 'apple crackle' scented diffuser which is gorgeous. It gives our home a warm, winters smell. There is a candle variation of the scent so technically it is a candle haha. Check out her site here
E: I don't burn that many candles, but I was recently in Yankee Candle and Cranberry Ice smelt divine.
P: Ooh I gave them as a couple christmas gifts, they are perfect. I kept two minis for myself, I loved them that much haha, 

(Not my own photo!)

Giving Or Recieving Presents? 
E: Giving, because when you know the person will love the present, for example with your present, I cannot wait to give it to them to see their reaction!
P: Ellie got me a mug with really cute elephants on it, firstly we have an inside joke to do with elephants, and secondly I always go on about drinking coffee (because coffee is life duh) so its perfect! Anyways I was going to say the same thing.

Do You Wear Pj's Or Get Dressed Up On Christmas Day? 
P: I open my stocking presents in my pj's but I always get dressed up for the rest of the day. Its part of christmas! 
E: It depends on whos coming round on Christmas. If its just my mum, dad and sister I keep it more casual, but more family are coming round this year so I will probably make more of an effort haha. 
P: Bearing in mind I do usually get some cozy clothes at Christmas. Usually after lunch I will put on any of the comfy clothes I have gotten, like a beanie or fluffy socks. Last year I got a dressing gown which I pretty much wore from Christmas til 2014 haha. 

Do You Open Presents On Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
P: I never open presents on Christmas Eve! Always in the morning.
E: We usually open presents on Christmas afternoon haha. 

What Are Your Plans For Christmas This Year?
P: My grandparents are coming over for a couple of days, but other than that, not much.
E: Same here, some of my family are coming round for Christmas Day.

Candy Canes Or Gingerbread Men?
E+P: Gingerbread men! You can check out when we made gingerbread men on the post linked at the top.

What Is At The Top Of Your Christmas List? 
P: Basically just makeup haha. Beauty junkie right here.
E: I would love new headphones!

Do You Have An Advent Calendar?
E: Of course!
P: Mine is Cadburys.

What Do You Have For Christmas Dinner? 
E: All the classic stuff I guess.
P: Same, but extra pigs in blankets haha. When my mums parents come for christmas there is also gammon because my grandad won't eat turkey, so I will have a bit of that too. 

Do You Prefer Fake Christmas Trees Or Real? 
P: Real, but I can see why people would prefer fake.
E: Real all the way! 

That is it! All the christmassy questions answered! If you want even more christmas questions answered by us, remember to check out Ellies blog.
I hope you have enjoyed our #FestiveChristmasCollab posts, do you want more #Phellie posts? ;) 
This is my last post before Christmas, so have a merry Christmas filled with love tomorrow!
P.s this is my 100th post in 2014! :0 
pps I didn't tag anyone because it is already christmas eve so by the time anyone would of written their posts it could of been too late. But if anyone wants to do it, feel free! I love reading them :) 


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