Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter Day In The Life

Hey! Its phoebs :) 
Seasonal morning/night routines are very fun to write and always seem quite popular. I originally was planning on doing two posts: one for the morning and one for the night. However, both pots would of been pretty similar and quite short, so I thought I would show you my whole day instead! 

Firstly, when I wake up I lie in bed thinking about stuff for a while, then I gain the energy to check my phone. Shoutout to everyone who was on my phone screen at the moment haha. Then I go downstairs and my dog greets me as always, and I played with her for a bit. Next I have my breakfast. I can never usually be bothered to do anything fancy, so I either have cereal or toast. Or both. Today I had cheerios and orange juice. 

I went back upstairs and watched some youtube videos before getting dressed. My look today is very monochrome but ah well. 
Top: Zara (old)
Skirt: Primark

( I also put deoderant in at this point, incase you thought I smelt haha) 

Then I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face. 
This is my current facewash. It is pink (always good) and smells lovely. I always feel really fresh after useing it. Only problem is that it takes a while to lather it into the skin, but I have time at the moment. 
 I went back to my room and applied moisturiser, and while that sunk in I brushed my hair and clipped it back. 

I then did my makeup. If you would like a tutorial on this look, let me know but it was a pretty basic look. 
 I feel the red lipstick really made my eyes pop. I'm not sure why or how though. 

Then my mother kindly made me a coffee, which I usually make myself. Little secret- I applied my lipstick after my coffee ha. 

I then went into town with my mum and brother and our first stop was Muffin Break for more hot drinks! I had a hot chocolate. I don't typically go into town that often, but my brother and I had presents to buy for our parents. After our drinks we went and bought the presents and all met up again. We stayed for lunch in town and I had a KFC. Normally we stay home for lunch and I will have soup or a sandwich, but sometimes you gotta treat yourself ;) 

Afterwards we went home and I wrapped the presents (as you can see above). Then I watched some Netflix. 

I then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon doing as little as possible: listening to music, going on tumbr etc. I did start planning and writing tomorrows post, so I was very productive! I decided to have a shower before dinner, so I removed my makeup before getting in. 
In the shower I washed my hair+body and exfoliated my face with the St Ives apricot scrub. If you would like a whole post on my shower/hair routine, let me know. I dried my hair after my shower. 

Dinner! I forgot to take a photo as I was so hungry haha, but I had salad with grilled chicken. I also had a gingerbread man which I made with Ellie (fuchsia flamingo) yesterday. 

Afterwards I just put on my pjs and chilled out until Text Santa came on TV. I am currently watching that, and once its over/I get too tired I will brush my teeth and go to bed. 

(Old school OOTD photo =D ) 
Top: Hollister (old) 
Bottoms: Debenhams 

That is all for my day in the life post, I hope you enjoyed it. It was slightly different from a normal post I guess, but ah well its Christmas!
Merry Christmas!x 


  1. I love reading posts like this x

  2. awee your dog is so cute x Also loving the old school ootd ;)
    Merry Christmas x I hope its a good one :)

    Caitriona Tighe || 'Spread the Love' Campaign

    1. Thank you! She's the sweetest. Haha my old OOTD's are so cringe. Merry Christmas to you too :)


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