Saturday, 24 January 2015

If I could go back...

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Firstly, apologies for not posting in a while, as usual, my excuse is school. Its that point in the term where everything starts piling up. Anyways, this wasn't the post I had planned for this week, but I was thinking in the shower (everyone thinks deep stuff in the shower right?!?)  about life and regrets and such. I thought I would share with you my regrets, some of them are quite silly really, but I didn't want to be too morbid. 

If I could go back...

I would appreciate the trips to M&S my mother and I used to go on

I wouldn't agree to play the baby every playtime in 'mums and dads'. 

I would be less afraid of staying at sleepovers (Seriously, I used to have to be picked up in the middle of the night! I'm fine now, of course.) 

I would never of thrown a temper tantrum in Clarkes when the school shoes I wanted didn't fit me properly. 

I would realise that sport shouldn't be taken so seriously when we were so young.

I would stand for myself more if I got put down. 

I would spend less time stressing over year 7 homework.

I would not worry about not getting a disco ticket.

I would not of cried in textiles.

I would not of sent a cringey text to a boy in year seven...

I would not stress over decisions out of my control

I would tell my friends about this blog from the start.

I would visit my great grandma more.

I would realise there is no point getting worked up over other peoples problems, even if you can't get away from it. 
I would of done my geography homework on monday, not waited until now. 

So far, thats the main regrets that pop to my mind, what are yours? I usually try and look forward instead of back, but hey, maybe I will do a post about the future soon. 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Music Musings: Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park + Bands I want to listen to

Hey! Its phoebs :)
It is only a quick post today, but I thought I would share with you some music I have been loving recently. I need to update my Itunes details and haven't got round to it (I probably will once this gets posted) so I have not actuallly downloaded too much as of recently, but I have discovered some great songs and bands that I want to get more into. 

1. Gold, Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons are my all time favourite band (closely followed by Arctic Monkeys) and they are releasing a new album! Some of the songs (like gold) are already avaliable to download and I am so excited for the whole album. I am also excited for their tour, as I have never been to a concert (shocking, I know) and if Imagine Dragons were my first concert that would be pretty awesome. Anyways, Gold is a great song and if you have liked Imagine Dragons previous album this will be up your street. 

2. Numb, Linkin Park
I have always liked a bit of Linkin Park but this song was never on my radar, despite it being one of their most popular songs. I mean, I've heard it before, but have never really got into it. Now I love it so much, I love the 'gravelly' singing style and the lyrics have so much meaning. My favourite part of the song in general is the chorus. I can also imagine a cover of this song in a ballad style being really chilling too. 

3. Dangerous, David Guetta 
This doesn't quite fit in with my usual music taste haha, but I am obsessed with this song! David guetta is my favourite DJ style musician, not that I know very many haha. This song is just really intense and feisty, I suppose. It is pretty typical for the style of music that it is, but it definitely has an edge to it. 

Now I want to talk about some bands I want to start listening to, just on the snippets on Itunes I have heard of their music.
Thirty Seconds To Mars- I had heard the band name before but never got round to giving them a listen.  A couple of their songs from the 2005 album (I think, it could be earlier/later than that) sounded like the stuff I like to listen to them, so if you like them, song recommendations would be appreciated! 
Fall Out Boy- I saw they had a new album out for pre order and  some of it sounded pretty good. I have been warned they are quite heavy, so they might not be completely for me, but hey, you don't know til you try! Haha. 
Catfish and The Bottleman- Again, I only briefly listened to some of their songs and it sounded like the style of music I like. My brother (basically has the same music taste as me but angrier I guess) said their album was pretty good but a bit too girlie for him, haha. Again, I would love some recommendations!

That is it for todays post, hope you enjoyed. What is your favourite band? Have a good week.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Book Review: Isn't She Lovely by Lauren Layne

Hey! Its Phoebs :)
I'm here with another book review! This is a book I read over the Christmas Holidays (doesn't that feel like forever ago) which I really loved.

Isn't She Lovely, by Lauren Lane is a modern version of Pretty Women. I have not read Pretty Women but this book is not like a classic. It is an amazing story (if you've read my past book reviews a common theme in books I like is love haha) about a trouble college goth who meets a preppy, high society guy through a summer film class, and they both have to work together. When Stephanie has no place to live Ethan offers her a room on the condition she pretends to be his girlfriend infront of his parents. This involves her becomming a classic pretty girl. This situation has many complications and many secrets are revealed. 

This book is so hard to put down. If your not into teenage/romantic novels, this probably isn't for you, but its such a cute book with so many twists and turns. The writing style is relatable and draws you into the story. The book is written from both Ethan and Stephanies perspectives, which is great for a well rounded view of the story, in my opinion. There are some quite steamy scenes so I wouldn't recommend it for younger readers, haha. 

Thinking about it, if these characters were on their own in different books, I probably wouldn't of liked them, but together, how they connected was genius. Their dialouges could be light and amusing, to very intense. But not like Twilight or anything, haha. I feel this review hasn't been as detailed as usual, but it is just a book you have to read, you will fall in love with it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any book recomendations, let me know!

Beauty Wishlist: High End and Drugstore Makeup

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I know its January and spending is always tight, besides, Christmas has just been so you don't need any more. But I haven't had a boots spendathon in MONTHS because I have had little money, so a list has accumulated of things I would like. Oops. Just to say if I do buy these things I will be using my own money, and I am not trying to come across as 'bratty' in this post. 

1. Soap and Glory Supercat Liner
 I have this eyeliner already and love it. I just really need a new one as my current pen liner is getting pretty old and mankey. 

2. Soap and Glory Kick Ass Powder

 I originally got this as part of the kick ass concealer set, and ended up loving the powder more than the concealer. The set has completely fallen to bits, so this will be perfect for travelling, and the product is gorgeous. 

3. Maybelline Falsies Mascara
 I have always wanted to try this, I have tried the maybelline rocket volume express mascara and love that, so I have high hopes for this too! 

4. Bourjois Liquid Lipstick
 I have realised I do not own very many lip products, and these look so fancy. I would probably not get the colour in the photo,just whatever colour I like the look of in the shop, haha. This definitley has the potential to be reviewed. 

5. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick
 I only have one of these! I really need more, considering how amazing they are and how cheap they are too. 

6. Bare Minerals Matte Foundation

My mum has the bare minerals foundation, and I have always liked the look of it. On a daily basis I do not wear foundation, and I think this would be the perfect way to wear it, without looking overdone. It is £25 however, so I am not quite sure I am ready to part with that amount of money yet, haha. 

7. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner

 I got a real techniques fine liner brush for Christmas, but have no eyeliner to use it with! I have never tried a gel liner and have heard so much about this, I would really like to try it out. 

Thats all for my beauty wishlist, I hope you enjoyed. Have you tried any of the products mentioned in the post? 
P.s none of the photos are my own! All from the boots/bobbi brown/ bare minerals website. 

Shower Routine!

Hey! Its Phoebs :)
Shower routines aren't something I see floating around the internet as much as other routines, but I am really enjoying my current routine so I wanted to share it with you. Lets get started!

I brush my hair before I get into the shower just to minimise knots afterwards, but I still get a lot haha. Just so you know I wash my hair every other day, because my hair has a tendency to get greasy. I also take my makeup off before I shower

Once I'm in the shower I focus on my hair first. I use the Argan Oil of Morroco Shampoo, and I try to lather this into my scalp for a minute or so. I love this shampoo as it is oil based, so it is very nourishing for the hair and adds to the smooth feel of the hair, I then proceed to rince it out, and I do this for a good while too, because when I don't rinse out products properly my hair gets stickier and greasier, which is not what we want!  

Next up I apply my Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner primarly to the ends of my hair, and with any excess I work the product up my hair too. This has a gorgeous scent that blends perfectly with the shampoo. It has a thick consistancy and provides hydration to the ends of my hair, keeping them from drying out. I leave this in for 3 minutes or so.

Whilst the conditioner is 'setting', I use a light exfoliator on my face which helps fight acne/blemishes. I love using this as it makes my face feel really clean. I love the natural, apricot feel of this particupar one too. 

Next I wash my body with the Nivea Shower Cream. I switch between this one, the pearl and beauty shower cream and the Soap and Glory clean on me. It really depends whats in the shop. I am all for creamy shower products over gel ones, which I think can be a bit sticky.

Once I have done both of these things I proceed to wash the conditioner off my hair. And then I'm done! Once out of the shower I keep my hair in a shower cap rather than a towel turban because it does not tangle my hair as much. I also think there is a scientific reason why towel turbans are bad for your hair but I cannot remember what it is haha. 

That is my shower routine, I hope you enjoyed. Do you have any favourite shower products? Anything you can recommend to me? Have a good week.

Monday, 5 January 2015

OOTD- Choices, Chances, Changes

Hey! Its Phoebs :)
I feel like I haven't done a fashion post in FOREVER! I really love doing them, though it was very cold outside when I took these pictures. I wish it would hurry up and snow. Preferably on Tuesday night so I wouldn't have to face school on Wednesday. I have been getting up at 10:00 for the majority of the holiday, so 6:45 is going to be a shock to the system!
The photos today are quite 'grungey' shall I say? I wanted to take them when it was darker so I could use the effect that flash gives. Unfortunately I forgot about red eyes but I still like the pictures.
 Beanie: Primark
Bag: Accessorize
I bought this bag in the summer and I really like it at the moment as it gives a subtle pop of colour to any wintery looks. It makes the whole outfit seem more classy and pulls the pieces together. I got this beanie at primark today and I thought it would be easy to wear, but I am finding it quite hard to pull off! I love the style and the colour but I'm not sure its for me. It goes baggy in all the wrong places, hmm I can't decide what I think. It was only £2 , so I can't complain.

Top: Topshop
Cardigan: Zara
I love how these two baggy items work well together. The muted colours are also a must for winter, in my opinion. Also to keep warm I am wearing a vest under the top. 
 Jeans: H! Henry Holland at Debenhams
Boots: Deichman
This photo does not show the jeans in the best light but I think the boots look good! My main problem with the jeans is they are high waisted, so when you sit down the zip has a tendancy to open too. In the future I think I will only buy high waisted items without a zip haha. I love these boots, they are so casual.
 I really like this photo, I love how the silhouette of the trees look. 
My rings are from topshop. They are very subtle accesories compared to the beanie and the bag, which is why I love them. 

That is all for the outfit, in other news I am starting to prepare for school: finishing off homework, organising folders, revising for tests and such. I am trying to stay positive, but I'm not exactly ecstatic to be going back haha. Though I got really warm tights from M&S which really excites me because it means I'll be warmeron the train to school! Its the little things in life haha. Please leave any post requests you have because I am really going to stay on top of blogging this year. Tomorrow I am going to pre write a load of posts as back up, in case school gets crazy. I am also thinking about valentines day post ideas because I am that organised! Haha well at least I'm trying. Hope you enjoyed the post, good luck if you're going back to school/work this week. 
P.s quote in the title isn't my own words, I just thought it was great for january, and this OOTD is in January soo :P 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

How To Enjoy January

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I find January can be a bit suckish, because Christmas is over, life returns to normal, and with that comes stress and problems. I'm really only a kid, and I don't want to really call this 'advice', its just tips to kick your year off the best way you can.

I love Christmas because of all the decorations, and I find our house always looks really dull without them, especially right after they are taken down. I would suggest to spice up your house a little bit after.   Maybe get some cool cushions for your sofa or buy some new lampshades. And if you can't really afford little home improvements right now, save up so you have some motivation, and it will make it even more special when you can buy them. If your a teenager like myself, maybe do some cool DIY's in your room, change the photo you have in a picture frame, or just rearrange your room. Just because the Christmas decorations are gone, doesn't mean your space has to be boring. 
I rearranged my window sill. One jar is for 2015 memories and the other is for when I find quotes I like. 

Christmas is a very social time, and in a way January is quite nice because you can relax and not worry about going out. But to keep that positive energy you had during the festive period, arrange to do something with your friends in January. Keeping busy is a great way to stay happy, and gives you something to look forward to throughout the week. Maybe catch up with old friends or go see a film with new people, it will still boost your mood, whatever you decide.

My next tip to enjoying january is having the right mindset. Think of the new year as a fresh start (however cheesy that is) because you can change how you see the world and how the world sees you.  Everything about this year is new, nothing has gone wrong yet, so try to keep it that way. If your stressing out about going back to school/work, think of why you are feeling stressed about it, and realise that the stressy things happened last year, they havent happened yet this year. So try and prevent them. If you do have a bad week, think of the last time you had a good week, or even just a good day, and figure out what made it so good. Then apply that feeling to your current week, if that makes any sense haha. 

Finally, if you are having problems, from something little to something quite serious, talk to someone. Get help, because someone out there loves you and will support you no matter what. If there are crappy people in your life, try and distance yourself from them. If your at a low point in your life, remember things can only get better, and you are not alone. 
Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed the post and if the above tips don't work for you, theres always retail therapy! January sales are on after all haha. Only joking.

Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Favourites! Beauty, Random

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I have already read a lot of these posts so I am a bit late with this, even if it is only the 2nd of January. Last year (well I suppose it was posted in 2013 so TWO years ago) I posted my yearly favourites, so if you want to compare them you can do so here.This year the post will be more based on makeup. I have recently began a new skincare routine so if you want to see what I'm doing for that you should read my Winter Day In The Life.  As for haircare I'm not sure I have favourites haha, but I may do a hair routine in the future. 

Foundations and Concealers: I try not to wear foundation on a daily basis, but my go to foundation has to be the Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 Foundation. Long name haha. This is also the same as the Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation I believe. Its medium coverge and feels like nothing on the skin. You can get away with just this but I like using concealer too. I chop and change concealers, but I have nearly finished the bottle of Loreal True Match and I still love it haha. For BB cream I love the garnier one. The shade range is awful and I hated this for the longest time, but it became my holy grail in the summer as I was tanned, so the colour worked. 

Powder: I love the soap and glory Kick Ass Powder. Mine is currently broken so theres no picture, but this is literally the only powder I use over foundation/concealer. 

Blush and Bronzer: This year I got into bronzer, and the Boujois bronzer was the perfect way to do so. Its not too heavy and dark, but it wasn't too light that it was pointless. As for blush this is the same as last years, its the Benefit Rockateur. Its so beautiful, you can't go wrong with a benefit boxed blush haha.

Eyeshadow: For those of you who are frequent readers of my blog, this is no surprise. Urban Decays Naked Pallete is basically the only pallete I use. I love it to death and cannot thank my friends enough for getting me this. Its so gorgeous! 
Other Eye Products: This was basically my excuse to feature my maybelline colour tattoos. The pigmentation of these cream eyeshadows is crazy, and for £4.99 , every beauty junkie needs them.

Mascara and Eyeliner: Again, little surprise here but my favourite mascara has to be the Benefit They're Real! Mascara. Need I say more about it? I completely forgot to take a picture, but my favourite eyeliner is the Soap and Glory Supercat Felt Tip Liner. Ironically I didn't take pictures of either soap and glory product haha. I do love them, promise!

 For brows, the only product is use when I want strong brows is the benefit browzings. Its the perfect match for my dark brows, and its easy to controll the amount of product I put on my brows with this. Unfortunately the lid came off which is a bit of an issue when travelling, but ah well. 

Lips: I did the same last year, but I genuinely don't have a favourite lip product! I just haven't found my holy grail colour yet. I really want to buy more drugstore lip products, so please leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet me (@ThisChicGeek) 

Onto the random favourites!
Band: 2014 was the year I truly discovered imagine dragons. I remember someone tweeting me telling me to get their album, and whoever that was, that you so much! I love everything about them. Whos excited for their new album, smoke and mirrors?!?
Artist: I couldnt not mention Ed Sheeran. His album X is perfection. I may even buy his old album, just to have even more if his music to listen to.
TV Show: xoxo GOSSIP GIRL!!!! God I watched all 6 seasons this year, I even own a chuck bass cardboad cut out (thanks to my friends) . Its so amazing, if your into shows like 90210 or Pretty Little Liars (which i just starting watching) gossip girl will rule your world.
Drink: Coffee. In particular Nespresso Caramel Coffee. 

That is all the favourites for 2014! I hope you enjoyed. The whole festive season is really coming to a close and I am so sad about it! Lets just hope 2015 is really awesome.