Sunday, 11 January 2015

Music Musings: Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park + Bands I want to listen to

Hey! Its phoebs :)
It is only a quick post today, but I thought I would share with you some music I have been loving recently. I need to update my Itunes details and haven't got round to it (I probably will once this gets posted) so I have not actuallly downloaded too much as of recently, but I have discovered some great songs and bands that I want to get more into. 

1. Gold, Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons are my all time favourite band (closely followed by Arctic Monkeys) and they are releasing a new album! Some of the songs (like gold) are already avaliable to download and I am so excited for the whole album. I am also excited for their tour, as I have never been to a concert (shocking, I know) and if Imagine Dragons were my first concert that would be pretty awesome. Anyways, Gold is a great song and if you have liked Imagine Dragons previous album this will be up your street. 

2. Numb, Linkin Park
I have always liked a bit of Linkin Park but this song was never on my radar, despite it being one of their most popular songs. I mean, I've heard it before, but have never really got into it. Now I love it so much, I love the 'gravelly' singing style and the lyrics have so much meaning. My favourite part of the song in general is the chorus. I can also imagine a cover of this song in a ballad style being really chilling too. 

3. Dangerous, David Guetta 
This doesn't quite fit in with my usual music taste haha, but I am obsessed with this song! David guetta is my favourite DJ style musician, not that I know very many haha. This song is just really intense and feisty, I suppose. It is pretty typical for the style of music that it is, but it definitely has an edge to it. 

Now I want to talk about some bands I want to start listening to, just on the snippets on Itunes I have heard of their music.
Thirty Seconds To Mars- I had heard the band name before but never got round to giving them a listen.  A couple of their songs from the 2005 album (I think, it could be earlier/later than that) sounded like the stuff I like to listen to them, so if you like them, song recommendations would be appreciated! 
Fall Out Boy- I saw they had a new album out for pre order and  some of it sounded pretty good. I have been warned they are quite heavy, so they might not be completely for me, but hey, you don't know til you try! Haha. 
Catfish and The Bottleman- Again, I only briefly listened to some of their songs and it sounded like the style of music I like. My brother (basically has the same music taste as me but angrier I guess) said their album was pretty good but a bit too girlie for him, haha. Again, I would love some recommendations!

That is it for todays post, hope you enjoyed. What is your favourite band? Have a good week.


  1. Loved this! I also did a post on what I was listening to yesterday! Maybe you could have a look and like some of them! 💕

    1. I will go check it out xo thank you!

  2. Lovely post, Phoebs! I've been into Imagine Dragons a lot lately. I also really like the band Parachute and The Script, (and of course 5 Seconds of Summer!) They've got some pretty sweet tunes. xx

  3. Fall Out Boy aren't heavy, well to me anyway, I guess it's what you're into but I see them as are pop/punk... but I like heavy metal, though Linkin Park are my favourite band so..! If you want to get into more Linkin Park I recommend their first album definitely which is Hybrid Theory. A lot of LP fans like 30 Seconds to Mars so I think you might too! I don't personally but I can see the appeal.

    I've just started a 2nd blog about music GNAR MOSH

    1. I actually listen to Fall Out Boy now and love them so much! Yeah I don't find them heavy at all. Thank you, I will be looking into your recommendations :) x


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