Monday, 5 January 2015

OOTD- Choices, Chances, Changes

Hey! Its Phoebs :)
I feel like I haven't done a fashion post in FOREVER! I really love doing them, though it was very cold outside when I took these pictures. I wish it would hurry up and snow. Preferably on Tuesday night so I wouldn't have to face school on Wednesday. I have been getting up at 10:00 for the majority of the holiday, so 6:45 is going to be a shock to the system!
The photos today are quite 'grungey' shall I say? I wanted to take them when it was darker so I could use the effect that flash gives. Unfortunately I forgot about red eyes but I still like the pictures.
 Beanie: Primark
Bag: Accessorize
I bought this bag in the summer and I really like it at the moment as it gives a subtle pop of colour to any wintery looks. It makes the whole outfit seem more classy and pulls the pieces together. I got this beanie at primark today and I thought it would be easy to wear, but I am finding it quite hard to pull off! I love the style and the colour but I'm not sure its for me. It goes baggy in all the wrong places, hmm I can't decide what I think. It was only £2 , so I can't complain.

Top: Topshop
Cardigan: Zara
I love how these two baggy items work well together. The muted colours are also a must for winter, in my opinion. Also to keep warm I am wearing a vest under the top. 
 Jeans: H! Henry Holland at Debenhams
Boots: Deichman
This photo does not show the jeans in the best light but I think the boots look good! My main problem with the jeans is they are high waisted, so when you sit down the zip has a tendancy to open too. In the future I think I will only buy high waisted items without a zip haha. I love these boots, they are so casual.
 I really like this photo, I love how the silhouette of the trees look. 
My rings are from topshop. They are very subtle accesories compared to the beanie and the bag, which is why I love them. 

That is all for the outfit, in other news I am starting to prepare for school: finishing off homework, organising folders, revising for tests and such. I am trying to stay positive, but I'm not exactly ecstatic to be going back haha. Though I got really warm tights from M&S which really excites me because it means I'll be warmeron the train to school! Its the little things in life haha. Please leave any post requests you have because I am really going to stay on top of blogging this year. Tomorrow I am going to pre write a load of posts as back up, in case school gets crazy. I am also thinking about valentines day post ideas because I am that organised! Haha well at least I'm trying. Hope you enjoyed the post, good luck if you're going back to school/work this week. 
P.s quote in the title isn't my own words, I just thought it was great for january, and this OOTD is in January soo :P 


  1. I love your sweater and your shoes (:

  2. Thank you! Glad you like them xo

  3. I looove your rings- definitely going to Topshop for accessories in the future xx

    1. Thank you! Considering they are not super cheap I would get them in the sales coz the quality can be a bit iffy! But the designs are always gorgeous xox

  4. Love your outfit! You definitely rock that sweet edgy look. Love those rings. Lately I've been into stacking my rings. x


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