Saturday, 28 February 2015

Cosmetic Testing on Animals: What You Need To Know

Hey! Its phoebs :)
A couple weeks ago at school my friend (shoutout to my bae Helena) was on the house debating team. Their debate was all about if animal testing should be banned or not. This got me thinking about animal testing in general, and as I have a beauty blog, I figured I would talk about it on here, haha.

*warning! If you dont like seeing the effects of animal testing, this post is probably not for you. Also disclaimer, this is just my opinion, I would love to hear yours, but please dont be mean! If any companies are reading, I am not trying to exploit your company, I'm just providing information for my readers.* 

Before researching this, I was against animal testing, but I knew deep down I would always have a splurge on MAC makeup if I could, and not think about the animals. Which does sound harsh, but I am sure a lot of beauty junkies would feel the same. I have been horrified by the amount of brands testing on animals and the slightly disturbing photos.

Here are some great links for more information: (information about animal testing for the USA and rest of the world) 

 What cosmetic testing effectively means for the animals is that the companies want to check their products won't irritate humans (eg mascara, shampoo) . It sounds like its just makeup being put o
n animals, but how they put the products on the animals can be a lot worse than how it sounds.

I am not going to list all the companies that test on animals, because unfortunately there is a lot, but the big brands you should know about are all here: (Click for the full list) 
Almay                                   Ralph Lauren Fragrances 
Aveda                                    Revlon
Bobbi Brown                         Sally Hansen
Bumble and Bumble              Sensodyne
Cover Girl                               Smashbox
Dove                                       TRESemme
Elizabeth Arden.                       Vasaline
Estee Lauder
Georgio Armani
Joe Malone
L'Oreal (USA) 
I am not too sure how recent this list is, because clinique was on there and I am fairly certain they have stopped testing on animals. But anyways thats not the point, what I want to say is that a lot of brands test on animals, and you should know about the products you are buying. 

Now on a more postive note, a list of brands that are cruelty free: 
Barry M
Body Shop
Burts Bees
By Terry
Hard Candy
Liz Earle (however the whole comapany, AVON, does admit to animal testing)
Nails inc
Urban Decay

So far, what I have told is a bit sad, but the following pictures (none of which are my own) should bring the reality of animal testing. Bear in mind theses animals have no say in whether they get tested on or not. The whole experience for them is not pleseant, and sometimes they can die from it. I completely understand that harming a human like this would not be acceptable, so harming an animal is better, right? But think of all the cruelty free makeup brands, they manage to get by without testing on animals? 

I personally find the worst photo the one on the bottom right. Just seeing all those rabbits looking so upset and knowing what will happen to them. Is makeup really worth that when brands can be cruelty free? And then in some countries, products have to be tested on animals for health and safety. That just seems crazy because not every country is taking that measure, so why do they need to? 

Another picture I found quite poignant was this one which shows how the animals feel as they get tested on. I think everyone will interpret this in their own way.

In my opinion there is no need to test on animals for makeup. There are so many cruelty free brands, after reading this I hope you would agree you would be happy to pay a couple pounds extra for makeup that has not been tested on animals. With so many brands testing on animals, it is hard not to buy products from them. I am sure when I see a lipstick from a non cruelty free brand I will grab it if its in the perfect shade. I am going to make a concious effort to research the makeup before I buy it, and I certainly have a new found respect for brands that don't test on animals. 

Please leave me comments below on your thoughts, I would love to know. My apologies if any of my facts are wrong in this post, I tried my best! This is not my usual post so I hope you enjoyed. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

My visit to London + Mini OOTD

Hey! Its Phoebs :)
How has your week been? I have been on half term, which has been very relaxing, but I am not looking forward to school tomorrow. Getting up at 6:45 will be a struggle. Coffee will be needed haha. Anyways, I visited London with my uncle, aunt and little cousin on Friday. They live in Yorkshire so visiting a city like London is a treat for my cousin. We were on the train and she asked me when the last time I was on a train was. I had been on a train the day before, but she hadnt been on a train since the last time we took her to London, which was 2 years ago! Crazy stuff, how our lifestyles differ. 

First off on our visit to London, was the Natural History Museum. I hadn't been for years, so it was interesting seeing what had changed and what was the same. Of course Dippy the Dinosaur was there! I didn't really think about taking pictures so I don't have very many. 
I always prefered the science museum because it seemed more interactive, but Hattie (my cousin) loved the museum, particularly all the animals. She is very into horses, I think they have 2 in their stables in their garden at home. I say garden, but it is more like fields, haha. They live very country lives, which sometimes I envy, they are so outdoorsy and its always calm. But I do like city life a lot. 

Next we went to Yo! Sushi in the Harvey Nicholls department store. I had never heard of Harvey Nicholls, but it is on the same street as Harrods, so its a pretty big deal haha. 
 This was some of the clothes. It was very posh. There was a red dress which I'm sure you could get for £50 in ASOS, but it was £3,500!! The whole experience was quite amusing. Once you have seen childrens gucci slippers, there is no going back, haha. A highlight had to be when my cousin ripped off her shoes to try on baby guccis. 
 They also had an amazing beauty department, with high end makeup brands spread across the whole floor. You name a brand, it was there. 
Next stop was Leister Square, as my cousin wanted to visit the extremely large Waterstones book shop, The childrens section in the Waterstones was bigger than the local Waterstones I go to! I hadn't brought any money so I didnt buy a book, but I think my cousin came out of the shop with a selection of 5 horse/dog/farm animal books. 

Final place on our checklist was Covent Garden. Surprisingly, I hadn't been for years. I could barely remember it at all. It was such an interesting place, I definitely want to go back with my friends at some point. There was Chanel, Dior, Michael Kors and lots more. I only got a good picture of Michael Kors, because of how busy it was. 
 All the shops looked very cute and designer, which a lot of them were haha. There was a lot of street performers too, which reminded me a lot of Rome, especially the ones who were 'levitating'. The magicians were also very exciting. The whole place had a very unique buzz to it, which I really liked. 

Finally here is a little OOTD/FOTD. Sorry the photos are pretty bad. 
Coat: Topshop
Jumper: Superdry
Jeans: Hollister
I also wore Doc Martin Style ankle boots from Office. 

I really hate this photo of me haha. 
Necklace: Primark
Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection
L'Oreal True Match Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Benefit High Beam Highlighter
Sleek Au Natural Eyeshadow Palette (I mixed the 2 browns to use on my brows) 
Maybelline Brow Drama
Lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Edition in 03 'PĂȘche Cozy' 

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer
Benefit eyeshadow in inner corners
Body Shop Smokey Gel Liner
Maybelline the Falsies Mascara

That is all I have today! I hope you enjoyed. I would love if you followed my blog with Bloglovin, I am trying to get 145 followers by March :) 

P.s heres a bonus photo because I really like it but I couldn't fit it in the post: 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kylie at M&Co Top Picks- February 15

Hey! Its Phoebs :)
I don't think I posted my top picks from Kylie in January, whoops! But I just went on their sight and they have some gorgeous items in their new arrivals that I had to share with you. If you like any of the items featured remember to check out Kylie for more of a selection. Comment below if you want more info on the brand, I would be happy to help. 

The first item that caught my eye was this white biker jacket. When I saw it on the model I thought it was blazer, but obviously now I know its not, haha. The fact it is a biker jacket gives it that edge, which I love, but at the same time, it looks very smart. Its £34 , which is a bargin considering how awesome this is. Especially in the UK, the summer nights aren't too warm, and this would be a perfect extra layer.

I fell in love this this bardot skater dress. Myself and Ellie have a joke about how I used to look a bit like a sailor in my clothing tastes, so if Ellie's reading this I am sure she will laugh. But this pattern is so wearable! I love how the pattern makes the dress casual, yet the style of the dress could be worn in a formal occasion too. It cost £16 , and I'm in love. 

This jumper is a perfect colour to go into spring, yet still stay warm. If you wanted, you could wear the dress and the jumper together, as the clashing prints would actually compliment each other. It also comes in white and blue, if pink doesn't float your boat. I love how versatile it is, its something you could wear all year round, in my opinion. 

Finally, for a steal of £4 , you could get this gorgeous charm bracelet. I have always loved these style bracelets, as they go with pretty much everything. The beads on this one look really cute too. 

Thats all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed. Which was your favourite piece? Leave me a comment. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

I'm Back! Update and Try-On Haul

UHey! Its phoebs :)
I feel like I haven't sat down and written a post in ages! It's good to be back. I am currently on half term so expect a week full of posts and hopefully I will also get my act together for the next half of the term. Its annoying because I had so many great post ideas that I haven't managed to fit in. Not to worry, I'm back now and rearing to go. Just so you know, the best way to keep updated with me if this blog gets pretty quiet is through my twitter, which you can follow here.
I have been shopping a bit recently and wanted to show you some of the things I have picked up. 
 I feel I haven't had a boots splurge in ages and these 3 items were not expensive, but it felt good to buy some makeup! I got the the bourjois lipstick in 03 Peach Cozy, which is a gorgeous neutral peach, which can be built up to a soft orange. I also got the Maybelline the Falsies mascara, which I am still getting used to because I usually use mascaras with plastic style wands. Expect a review on this soon! Finally, I got the rimmel Apocolips in Galaxy, which is a sublte purple colour with a gorgeous sheen. Wow I am great with describing colours haha. 
Onto clothes, I bought this cream knitted cropped jumper from Miss Selfridge (debenhams). This is so comfy and casual, yet is very easy to dress up. If you follow me on twitter (hint hint) I already tweeted about this jumper.
Also from Miss Selfridge I got some shorts. I love the print on these, its very unique yet not too daring for me as it is monochrome, haha. I could wear these now with tights or in the summer. Gotta love versatile clothes haha. 
From superdry, I got this pink jumper which is so cozy. It was £45 which is pretty expensive, but the quality is very good. 
 From H&M I got a black skater skirt, because I have never owned a black skater skirt and I thought it was time I did. H&M is great for basics, the prices are so cheap, and I always love the styles they have in. You can't really go wrong with a skater skirt, can you? 
Finally from H&M I got this crop top. I am IN LOVE. I wouldnt wear it with jeans but I don't own anything high waisted in my winter clothes so I think this top will be more reached for in the summer with high waisted skirts and shorts. I think the pattern and the lace at the bottom is so cute. And it was only £15! 

Thats it for my haul, I hope you enjoyed. Comment below some post requests :) I promise I'll get better at blogging haha.