Sunday, 22 March 2015

Music Musings: I'm a rock chic?!?

HeyI Its phoebs :)
Long time no post! I am sosososo sorry, but I am off school next week so I will get my mojo back. Blogging in 2015 hasn't been too good. I was so proud of my Christmas posts its been hard to write posts of that standard. But I'm here now, and thats the main thing :) 

As of recently I have been very into rock based music and I thought I would share my currently most played songs. I am sure they are all pretty mainstream (for rock music anyways) so if you are into this sort of music I would love recommendations! 

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
The obsessions I have with this song is quite worrying. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I feel really sassy when I listen to it, not gonna lie haha. Its so sad Nirvana ended so soon because obviously Kurt Cobain tragically commited suicide. The guitar in all Nirvana songs is so impressive too. I am not someone to notice drums that much in songs but I actually take notice of them when it comes to Nirvana. 

2. AKA...What a life! - Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds
This is the sort of music I have been brought up with. My dad would always have oasis, U2 and other similar bands playing in the car. I really like this song, again my dad introduced me to the whole album (because he's so hipster). Its ironic because my brother, dad and I all have very similar music tastes. Arctic Monkeys is a bit of a family favourite haha. 

3. How You Remind Me - Nickelback
I have been singing this song in my room all week, my family must be very bored of it. I even tried to play it on piano, to no sucess. It is so catchy. And the lead singer of Nickelback (I haven't reached the 'i like the band so much I need to find out their names' phase yet) has such a husky, gravelly voice. The song just works so well. 

4. Everlong - Foo Fighters
As you can tell there is quite a common them with all the songs in this post haha. The guitar is on point in this song. I just really like the sound they create. 

5. Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance
This is the only MCR I really like, if I'm honest. I didn't realise they broke up 2 years ago (to the day as well- what a coincidence). Again it is very catchy. 

6. Nicotine- Panic! At the Disco
I am a big Fall Out Boy fan, and had been told Panic! At the Disco (that is a pain to type haha) was very similar. I still prefer FOB, I think Panic at the disco (i've given up) are more pop like and have more electronic sounds. I didn't think I liked the song that much at first, but it really has grown on me. 

There we go, 6 of my favourite songs at the moment! Sorry it has been such a long time, but I will get better. Have a good week, and fingers crossed I will post sometime during the week. 
P.s all pictures were found on google :)

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