Monday, 13 April 2015

The EASIEST French Manicure Ever?!?

Hey! Its phoebs :)
So I am basically the worst blogger ever, sorry! I just havent got much inspiration at the moment. Its not like I don't enjoy blogging, because I do, but I want to make my posts as good as they can be. Anyways, I can barely paint my nails in one solid colour eaisily, so french manicures are a pain for me. I recently had a manicure when I was in bath with my family and Ellie, and I had completely forgotten they had shaped my nails, so when I removed the polish, I was surprised to see my nails looking so good! With that in mind, I decided to give them a french manicure, because my nails are usually short and uneven. 
All you need is a nail white pencil, clear polish, and pink polish (this is only needed for the full effect, if you really cant do nail polish, just the clear looks good too) 

Nail whitening pencils can usually be found in manicure sets, but if you cant find one, a white eyeliner that is not too waxy will do just fine, but it will probably only last one night. All you do its use the crayon on the backs of your nails, to give them a white effect. 
You use the crayon on this part of the nail. 
 (i used white eyeliner on the index finger) 

Then I go in with my base coat of polish, to give the nails a shiny look. 
After each step I always go back in with the pencil. 

After the clear polish has dried, I go in with my pale pink shade. I find it so much easier to paint the main part of the nail, rather than just the tip, because there is a larger area. To avoid painting the tips, you could use nail guides, but I used sticky notes to help. 

Finally I go back in with the crayon underneath my nail.
I know its not a proper french manicure, but the nails look nice in the end and it is an easier alternative. I highly recommend finding a nail pencil/crayon because it is so quick and easy to use. If your nails ever need whitening I would rather use this than have a shaky white line of polish on my tips. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any french manicure tips (was that a pun? Not a very good one *cries* ) please comment below!

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