Monday, 4 May 2015

How to get really full lips without surgery! Inspired by Kylie Jenner

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Recently, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge has blown up on the internet, and as I have just about perfected lining my lips, I thought I would show you how I do it, without stuffing my lips into a shot glass, haha. I am yet to find a nude lip liner like the kind Kylie uses, so this post is more about the technique I like to do. If you have any nude lip liner recommendations please let me know! 
I think the difference is quite big between the two photos, so to see how I achieve this keep reading. 
 All the actual colour I'm applying to my lips is this lip liner by maxfactor (shade 04) because Kylie has quite matte lips. Personally if I really wanted big lips I would make the look more glossy so the lips look juicier, but this is inspired by Kylie Jenner. Firstly, a couple minutes before you go in with the liner, moisturise your lips with a balm, because lip liner can be quite drying. 
Firstly, I line the corners of my bottom lip, and you do not want to over draw this part! Then I over draw the middle of my bottom lip, and connect the over drawn line to the actual corners of my lips (if that makes sense haha) 
 For your top lip, again do not over draw by the corners! I start off in the middle and draw out, following the natural shape of my lip line, but over draw it slightly. I don't go too crazy with the top lip, because it is more tricky than the bottom. This photo shows a comparison what I do, so you can see how much I overdraw. Particularly for the top lip, but make sure your pencil is sharp!
 Now I have drawn in the other side, and filled in the lips. Just use the pencil until the lip line you drew in looks like your actual lips. Sorry I am so bad at explaining this haha! 
A tip is to apply bronzer/contour just below your bottom lip (where shown in the picture) . This makes your bottom lip appear more plump and it helps it stand out. I also applied a highlight to my cupids bow. 

That is it! I hope you enjoyed the post. Personally I would only do this if I really wanted bold lips and not on a daily basics, but makeup is different for everyone. I hope you found this useful, tweet me (@ThisChicGeek) pictures if you try this out! Also if you have any post requests, please comment below :) 

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