Monday, 1 June 2015

All About Me

Hey! Its phoebs :)
I have done posts like this in the past, mainly when I started my blog, but that was just under 2 years ago (which, might I add is CRAZY) so I feel it is time for some updates.

I am fourteen (nearly 15) years old and am in year 10 of school, which I think would be freshmen year of high school if I was American. I study English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, German, Geography, Music and Drama. I am not too fond of maths or any of the sciences,  my favourite subjects would be english and drama. I am hoping to achieve 6 A's in my GCSE's, which will be quite a challenge, but it is the required grades needed for the school I want to go to. 

When I am older, I would like to be a teacher, or in some form of career helping childern. I think I am really suited to this sort of career and can picture myself doing something along these lines.

My family consists of my mum, dad, brother and dog. I am very lucky in the sense my parents are still happily married, I suppose I take it for granted because I cannot imagine it any other way, but unfortunately for some people divorces happen, and I do count my blessings that my family is happy. 

I have a slight (well, huge) obsession with Gossip Girl, in particular Chuck Bass/ Ed Westwick. If you follow me on twitter (@ThisChicGeek) this will be no surprise to you, but he is just too gorgeous! 

When I am older, I want to visit New York. It looks so fast paced and cool, it has been a dream of mine to go there. Another dream of mine is to touch a cloud. Okay, the teenager inside of me knows that would be impossible, however the seven year old in me still holds onto hope this could happen. 

I enjoy singing, dancing, acting, attempting to play songs on the piano (I got pretty good at Clocks by Coldplay) and blogging despite how infrequent posts have been recently, and I apologise for that. 

My current girl crush is Gigi Hadid. My god, she just looks stunning! 

Contray to popular belief, I actually enjoy running. I just ran the race for life which was a brilliant experience, if you want a whole post on it please let me know. 

I also play the flute, though I can't say I enjoy it. I recently took my grade 5 exam and got a merit, which is unbelievable considering my teacher was expecting me to scrape a pass haha. 

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about me. Please comment post requests, I am always open to ideas! Finally, as it is very near my 2 year blog birthday, I want to thank you all for the support I have had so far on this journey. I remember being ecstatic at hitting 100 page views and getting 5 followers was such a milestone! To think now I have just under 20,000 pageviews and nearly 150 followers is incredible.

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