Wednesday, 17 June 2015

And relax!

Hey! Its phoebs :)
Currently, I'm in a place where I am enjoying the writing aspect of blogging, so if you have come here for beauty and fashion, I'm sorry! Do not worry though, lately I have been very busy with school and now exams are over (thank God) I can get back into writing about beauty and fashion, which is what this blog is basically about, and I cannot see that changing. 

          As I just mentioned, I have had end of year exams for the past week and a half. Yes they have been stressful, and there was a lot of cramming but overall I think I did okay. I probably could of revised more, but it is not the end of the world. As much as exams are straining, I have enjoyed the fact we had 'study leave' , so for this last week and a half we only had to come into school for our exams, which made the setting feel more relaxed. And I am not complaining about those extra lie-in's, haha. 

         I wasn't planning on talking about this, but I think my twitter (@ThisChicGeek) could of potentially just been hacked! I got an email from twitter asking me to change my password, which is quite scary. If I'm honest my passwords are never the most safe, so I may go and change them all. Lesson being kids, passwords are important! 

          I feel I have to catch you up on one of the most ironic moments of my life. As a lot of you will know, I love Ed Westwick. Recently, he posted a photo on instagram where his hair was blonde, and I commented  (tagging my friend) that I wasn't really feeling it. I think we all know what happens next. Ed saw my commented and REPLIED to me! Which in any other situation would be the BEST THING EVER, however I was mortified because this was the one time my comment wasnt about my
adoration of him! It's funny because he noticed me the ONLY time I have been mildly negative
towards that man. TYPICAL. I think this just shows my luck. It was very embarrasing. So theres
another lesson, always be nice on instagram! Karma can be a bitch. 

          In other news, it's my birthday next week! I will finally be the big 1-5 . Oh wait, turning 15 isn't a huge milestone. Usually I am more excited for my birthday, but I have only just realised that my birthday is actually next week. This year more than anything I want to have a good day. I find with birthdays you remember the day itself more than the presents, which is why I think it is better to get spoilt on your birthday with love more than gifts. Wow that sounded cringey. I suppose I am a tad attention seeking on my birthday, but I think that is acceptable! I want people be jealous of how nice my friends are to me haha. So if you are reading this (*cough* Ellie, Helena and Millie) I just want to have a good day. I am open to party poppers, streamers, banners (okay thats excessive I suppose) ballons (latex free, of course) and hugs. Haha, I'm not really expecting all that =D 

         So for me life is getting busy, but in a good, positive way. Soon I will have to start preparing for my holiday (to California!) . I am clearly not the most active blogger, but hey, my Tumblr is generally updated loads, and likewise with my twitter.
Hope you enjoyed this little catch up! 

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  1. I really liked this blog post and I am also slightly (hugely) in love with Ed, I've just finished watching gossip girl on Netflix and I seriously need a Chuck Bass <3 I completely agree with the birthday thing as well, my birthday is just after Christmas so I get loads of presents all at once, I didn't do anything for my 16th not even a sleepover or ordering pizza or anything but the day is so much more special than the presents, happy birthday for next week! xx


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