Thursday, 9 July 2015

Travel Routine! Airport makeup, carry on essentials + OOTD

Hey! It's Phoebs :)
I am going on holiday in the near future and have begun the packing process. In preparation for my holiday, I thought I would show you my quick, easy makeup look, some carry on essentials and an outfit choice.

Firstly, makeup. 
I am going on a long haul flight, but if I was to be on a plane for only a couple hours I would wear some more makeup. Air in the plane is not great for your skin, so I applied a thick layer of moisturiser before adding another layer which was mixed with my BB Cream. This is great as your skin feels super moisturised as well as having a bit of coverage which doesn't feel heavy. I next filled in my brows with The Body Shop brow and liner duo. Obviously I used the lighter of the two colours! Personally I find mascara to be heavy on my eyes, so I skipped this step except for curling my lashes. I will be purchasing a mascara in the airport so I can apply some near the end of my flight. Finally, for lips I used a lipstain to give a tint of colour that I know will stay on all day.

Next, my carry on bag. 
My carry on bag is from h&m and I love it. It was originally £35 but it was reduced in the sale to £20, which I thought was amazing for such a large, stylish bag. I won't show you everything, but here are some essentials: 
Obviously sunglasses are a must for going to a hot destination, and mine are from topshop. I personally love magazines so they will help pass the time on the plane. To go with my electronics (and chargers) I will be bringing my Urbanears headphones.
 As you will see in my outfit, I am wearing a dress, so in case it gets cold on the plane, I am bringing leggings to wear. I am also bringing slipper socks for extra comfort.
I am bringing a little makeup bag full of essentials for the flight. As of right now there is not much inside, but I will run through you a list of what will be in there. I will probably buy some of it at the airport. 
Cleansing Wipes

Here is my outfit! It is so comfortable yet put together, perfect for the plane and for my destination!
Dress: Primark
Jumper: H&M
Jacket: Topshop
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

That is it for this travel post, hope you enjoyed! Tell me where you are going on hoiday this year :)