Saturday, 26 September 2015

Autumn Makeup Routine 2015

I am in love with the dark makeup looks that come with autumn. However I am aware that the makeup doesn't always appeal to everyone, so I decided to create a look thats not too dark, but not too little. If you wanted this for everyday wear you could replace the lipstick with lipgloss, or skip the eyeliner. If you wanted the look for night I would add some contour and winged liner. But it really is up to you. This is how I create this perfect medium look.
I started off with a clean, moisturised face and used concealer under my eyes and on my blemishes. To set this in place, I used a powder with some coverage to even out my skin tone. If you want to increase the longevity of the makeup, I would also recommend using a primer before hand. I next filled in my brows.

After priming my eyelids, I used a warm brown shade ("buck" from the Naked pallete) to blend into my crease. I then used a lighter brown ("naked") on my eyelid and blended the two together. I used a gorgeous gold ("half baked") on my inner corners to brighten up my eyes and compliment the two brown colours. 
For eyeliner, I used a liquid liner on the outer half of my eye for definition. I then lined my waterline with a brown to balance out the look, plus the brown compliments my hazel eyes. Finally I applied mascara on my top and bottom lashes. 

As I wore this look during the day, I did not properly contour, I just used the benefit Rockateur blush to add colour to my cheeks. For the lips, I used this amazing covergirl lipstick in the shade Burgendelicious. I toned the lipstick down as I did only wear this look during the day, but it looks amazing full on too.

This is the completed look, I hope you enjoyed. If you have an Autumn makeup blogpost, please leave it linked in the comments, I would love to read them!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

My Top 5 Dark Lipstick Colours

I am a sucker for dark lipsticks. I wear them all year round, however I find more people tend to wear them in Autumn and Winter. As we are heading into Autumn I thought this would be the perfect time to write this post! All, except one of these lip products are drugstore, so that's even better :) 

I tried to be all artistic and go from lightest to darkest, though on the lips the two darkest colours might be the wrong way round. Hey, at least I tried haha. 

1. Clinique Chubby Stick in 08 Grandest Grape. 
This was one of the first darker colours I ever bought, simply because it is so buildable. This can be so subtle or so intense, which is great. As it has a balm like texture the finish is creamy, meaning it does come off the lips quite easily, though I have found it almosts stains the lips. For example, I have had a meal with this on and it still looks like my lips have a purple ish tint to them. 

2. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 170 Alarm
I got this lipstick because I wanted to try out another range of lipsticks from Rimmel as I had only tried Kate Moss lipsticks. This did not disappoint. I believe I got this for £4.99 which is a bargin for such a pigmented colour! This lipstick is creamy to apply so it doesn't cling to dry areas on your lips, yet it isn't  creamy looking on the lips. The staying power isn't the best, though with a red lipliner this works a treat. I wore this so much around Christmas time last year and I will probably wear it this Christmas too. It is such a beautiful red! 

3. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 
I know, this lipstick is so hyped up but for good reason. This is such a gorgeous dark pink/red and stays on for so long. It isn't matte but it isn't all that creamy, and I love the finish of it. I wouldn't advice wearing this if you have extremely dry lips, but generally this is a brilliant colour. I also like to blend this in with my fingers for a pinky lip stain. 

4. Covergirl Queen Collection Lipstick in Q410, Burgendelicious 
I bought this when I was in America this Summer and I have been dying to talk to you guys about it ever since. I have never seen a colour like this anywhere. It has almost a brown undertone but there is a gold sheen running through the whole lipstick. I know Max Factor and Covergirl are the same brand so I looked up the Max Factor Version of this, however the Queen Collection is a makeup collection for darker skinned women and I'm not sure they have that at Max Factor! *cries* I assume I'm not Covergirls target buyer for this lipstick but it looks so unique I love it! It is a bit of a hassle to apply and it doesn't have the best staying power but the colour is so amazing, I cannot complain. 

5. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Crème in 477 Black Cherry
This lipstick is also very hyped up, but it is the ultimate dark colour! I also love the packaging of this lipstick, it looks so expensive! The pigmentation of this product is brilliant. I love the finish of the lipstick but it takes a little longer to apply, because of how dark the colour is. The swatch makes it look darker than the covergirl lipstick, though on the lips the covergirl lipstick looks darker. What do you guys think? I got this fairly recently so I haven't yet worn it for a longer period of time, so if you have this lipstick, please comment below and let me know what the staying power is like. 

That's all for my dark lipsticks, I hope you enjoyed it. Which colour was your favourite? At the moment mine is the Covergirl lipstick, though I do love all of them dearly! I would really like to find a dark matte lipstick, so if you have one you would like to recommend, please let me know.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

September Favourites

September has flown by, I cannot beleive it is October! We are scarily getting closer to Christmas and the new year, where has 2015 gone? 

I have not done a favourites post in ages, generally I don't try out all that many new products each month. But because I haven't done one in a while I thought I would show you what I have been loving recently. 

Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara: I got this in the summer but recently I have been reaching for it nearly every day. I love the shape of the wand, it is a thick plastice one with thin bristles, so every lash is coated. It really separates the lashes and opens up your eyes. My only issue is that it is slightly sticky as opposed to moisturising, the mascara has argan oil in it which is probably why, but for the price it is so worth it. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in 13 : This used to be my mums lipstick and she recently found it and gave it to me. Firstly the packaging is gorgeous and it makes the colour look even better. Don't get me wrong I love my dark lipsticks, but this is a perfect everyday colour for all year round. 

Makeup For Ever Full Cover Concealer: I constantly have spots and I love trying new concealers and this is perfect! I don't use this under my eyes as it is pretty heavy, but on blemishes the smallest amount can cover a spot, plus it lasts all day. I wear this to school and I only have to touch up on powder, this stuff really does last. If you struggle with drugstore concealers, give this one a try, it is worth the price. 

Nyx Wonder Stick: I have never been into cream contour, and even with this product I don't cake my whole face in it. I never really see drugstore products specifically for cream contour, so this intruiged me. I don't like the highlighter end, but I use the contour end for my nose and I use a little on my cheekbones before my powder contour, for extra definition. I have a round face with chubby cheeks, so even when I suck in my cheeks my cheekbones are barely there! This really helps me define my face a bit more. 

The Balm Mary-Louminiser: This highlighter is gorgeous, it has a golden sheen in the pan but looks so pretty even if you are on the pale side. I use this on top of my cheekbones and as an inner corner highlight on my eyes. I contour my nose but I won't highlight it with this because I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and this seems to make them more prominent, which I don't want! But overall this is a good buy. 

For random beauty favourites, I have been loving 2 products:
Taylor Swift Wonderstuck Perfume: I have always loved the scent of this, it is so great. I also love the packaging, plus the price is also great. I have used my benefit perfume minis for a lot of this year, however ey are not spray bottles and when I am in a rush for school, spritzing this is so much easier.

Tresemme Salon Finish Hairspray: I am really loving heatless curls, and I use this to get them to hold. It isn't sticky and it doesn't make your hair feel like straw. 

As I have been back in school uniform I have only 1 fashion favourite:

These are my topshop Joni Jeans, and oh my god I love them so much. They are so flattering and comfortable, plus they go with everything. Whenever I go out I love to wear these. Definitely try these on next time you're in Topshop, they are so worth it. 

That concludes my September favourites, I hope you enjoyed. If you have a favourites post please link if in the comments, I would love to read it!

OOTD: September 2015

I have not done an OOTD in what feels like forever, which is a shame because they are one of my favourite posts to write. I am obsessed with this look, it is very Autumnal, in my opinion. 

Cardigan: Zara
Snood: Primark

I love knitwear for the colder months, and I love the two different knits in this look. I always thought different knits couldn't be worn together, but now I've tried it I feel like it adds texture to the outfit, which is not too easy to do when you always play it safe. 

The cardigan looks brown in this photo, but I promise you it's this deep green colour. I love the colour of it because with these thick cardigans, neutral colours are definitely more popular, but this green adds an edge to the look. 
 I am naturally a slim person (I don't mean that to sound vain, but my build is quite petite) so I played this up with the slim fitting top and jeans together. I am obsessed with these topshop Joni Jeans, they seem to really flatter me. However they are very skinny and taking them off at the end of the day is the best feeling ever! I'm all for comfy clothes haha. 

 The top I'm wearing is from Primark, and I love the colour of it! I am not the best and wearing colourful clothes, so muted colours like the green cardigan and this top really help me not just wear black! Also muted colours seem to all go well with each other. 
Finally, my Chelsea boots are from H&M and they really help complete the outfit and make it less laid back. I bought these last year and I plan on wearing them a lot this year too. 

So that was my OOTD, I hope you enjoyed reading. Comment if you want more OOTD's because I love writing them! 

5 Autumn/Fall Fashion Staples

I love Autumn. The cold weather, the hot drinks, the television: they're all amazing! But my favourite thing about Autumn is the fashion. I know there are bad things about autumn, the days get shorter and school starts, but the fashion makes up for it. Bear in mind in England the typical Autumn weather only really lasts until October, because then it starts to get really cold, but these are the fashion items I love throughout Autumn. 

1. Black Jeans
I always used to just wear blue jeans, but I have started wearing black jeans and I love them! I have the Topshop Joni Jeans, and they are basically just like warmer, thicker leggings. They go with everything, making transitioning your summer clothes into autumn really easy. 

2. Basic Tshirts
Autumn is the best season for layering, and basic tops give you the perfect start for the layering trend. I get my tops in Primark, they are so cheap and so worth it.These go with skirts, jeans, leggings, anything!

3. Baggy Jumpers
Another essential piece for layering, jumpers give your outfit that casual, laid back vibe. They are also super warm, so they are practical too. I love my jumper from Brandy Melville, it is so soft and it falls so well on me, which cheaper jumpers don't often do. But let me know where your favourite jumpers are from!

4. Scarves
The items I have mentioned so far have been fairley basic, so a big scarf with either a cool pattern or colours can complete any outfit. If you are unsure of what scarf to get, I would suggest heading to primark and looking at the styles they have there. They are so cheap, you can't really go wrong! I got mine for £5 and I love it. 

5. Combat Boots
This will not appeal to everyone but I love these style boots, particularly all the Doc Marten knock off's. They go with anything and really make your look more edgy. Mine are a pair I got a few years ago from office, but I would love a pair of real Docs. Though if you are unsure of the style, you get get Doc Marten style boots for a lot cheaper at shops such as H&M, New Look and more. 

That completes my Autumn fashion essentials, I hope you enjoyed reading. What is your number 1 fashion item for autumn? Let me know :)