Sunday, 6 September 2015

5 Autumn/Fall Fashion Staples

I love Autumn. The cold weather, the hot drinks, the television: they're all amazing! But my favourite thing about Autumn is the fashion. I know there are bad things about autumn, the days get shorter and school starts, but the fashion makes up for it. Bear in mind in England the typical Autumn weather only really lasts until October, because then it starts to get really cold, but these are the fashion items I love throughout Autumn. 

1. Black Jeans
I always used to just wear blue jeans, but I have started wearing black jeans and I love them! I have the Topshop Joni Jeans, and they are basically just like warmer, thicker leggings. They go with everything, making transitioning your summer clothes into autumn really easy. 

2. Basic Tshirts
Autumn is the best season for layering, and basic tops give you the perfect start for the layering trend. I get my tops in Primark, they are so cheap and so worth it.These go with skirts, jeans, leggings, anything!

3. Baggy Jumpers
Another essential piece for layering, jumpers give your outfit that casual, laid back vibe. They are also super warm, so they are practical too. I love my jumper from Brandy Melville, it is so soft and it falls so well on me, which cheaper jumpers don't often do. But let me know where your favourite jumpers are from!

4. Scarves
The items I have mentioned so far have been fairley basic, so a big scarf with either a cool pattern or colours can complete any outfit. If you are unsure of what scarf to get, I would suggest heading to primark and looking at the styles they have there. They are so cheap, you can't really go wrong! I got mine for £5 and I love it. 

5. Combat Boots
This will not appeal to everyone but I love these style boots, particularly all the Doc Marten knock off's. They go with anything and really make your look more edgy. Mine are a pair I got a few years ago from office, but I would love a pair of real Docs. Though if you are unsure of the style, you get get Doc Marten style boots for a lot cheaper at shops such as H&M, New Look and more. 

That completes my Autumn fashion essentials, I hope you enjoyed reading. What is your number 1 fashion item for autumn? Let me know :)


  1. That scarf looks gorgeous, I love your autumn staples they are really fashionable at the moment, especially those combat boots!


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