Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Updated Makeup Brush Collection 2015!

This post has been a long time coming. I did my original makeup brush collection last year, and for a long time it was one of my most popular posts. Since that post, my brush collection has grown and in my opinion, improved. Makeup brushes are so important for makeup application. I'm not trying to brag by writing this post, but since you seemed to love the original post so much, i thought it was time to update you all :)

(Side note, I won't be showing you every single brush, only my most loved ones. Plus you can check out the original post if you want to see more) 

Foundation, concealer and powder: 

The top brush I am holding up is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I know this is so hyped up in the beauty community, but for good reason. I use this brush to apply foundation (although I am not a frequent foundation user) and concealer. I love this for concealer because it is a lot bigger than the brush below, so it takes less time. It is very dense, and just awesome. I can imagine this also being great for contour. It is so versatile, everyone needs this! 

The middle brush is the Real Techniques Crease Brush. This is meant for the eyes, but for an eye brush this is very large. I am a teenage girl, therefore making me prone to spots. I love using this brush to pinpoint spots and really conceal the problem area. Okay, this brush isn't great when you're in a rush as you do need time for this technique, but I still highly recommend it. 

The bottom brush is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I'm sure I showed this in my original collection, but I still love it! It is great for foundation and concealer as well as powder. I use this for powders that give coverage as opposed to translucent powders. This is also great if you used too much blush/bronzer/highlight, because you can blend it out with this and patte it down, to mute the colour. 

Blush, Bronzer and Highlight

The top brush is the Real Techniques Blush Brush. It looks a bit dirty in the photo, whoops! I like this brush because it feels so soft on the face, however it is quite large for a blush brush and I personally only use a tiny amount of blush. I do think you could use this for all over powder or even bronzer too, so it is worth a purchase. 

The middle brush is a 17 Brush I got a long time ago. For actual contour, I use the benefit Hoola Bronzer and the brush that came with that. However I love this brush for an all over, sunny glow. It isso soft and applies just the right amount of product. I used to use is this for translucent powder, so again it is versatile. Most of my brushes do have multiple uses but I think thats a good thing, because you know you're getting your moneysworth. 

The final brush is the Real Techniques Contour Brush. I love this for sweeping highlight over the tops of my cheekbones, as it is so small and also tapered, which is really handy so you don't over apply. 

Gel Liner, Lower Lashline and Eyelid:

The first brush out of the three is the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush. So many of my brushes are Real Techniques, but they are such great quality and so affordable! I don't currently get too much use out of this, as my gel liner phase didn't last long haha. 

The middle brush is the Real Techniques Accent Brush. You wouldn't this this is usesful but it truely is. I use this to smudge out kohl liner, to apply colour on my lower lashline and even to set my liquid liner. This brush is understated, but such a nifty little brush. 

I'm not sure of the name of the bottom brush, but it came in the Real Techniques Starter Kit Set. I use this brush all over my lid to pack on shadow, as well as in the crease, because it is just about fluffy enough to do so. 

The two red brushes are from Revlon. The one with a white tip is a concealer brush, however I use it to pack on shadow. It works particularly well with loose shadows, as it is so flat. The other brush is a crease brush which I love, it is so fluffy and slightly tapered, so it gives a great result. Though every time I clean it, its shape gets lost a little bit more, so be careful of that. But for a few quid, can you complain? The other two brushes are from eco tools. Personally I don't use them all that much, but if you are just starting out with makeup, I can see these being very useful.

Duo ended: 

These brushes are all from ecotools, and I purchases them on amazon for just over £10, I think. When I ordered these I didn't realise they were duo ended, so it was a pleasant surprise when I opened them that they were! These are all such good quality and all very useable. I would highly recommend eco tools brushes. I also love these for travel, as you have all that you really need in here. 

That is all the makeup brushes I had to show you today, I hope you enjoyed. Remember to follow the blog on Bloglovin (I would love 150 followers by halloween) and click on the 'My Links' tab so stalk all my social media, haha. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Primark Autumn Wishlist

I love Primark. It is so affordable, and there is so much choice! Admittedly, going in on a Saturday afternoon to Primark is pretty hectic, but now their website shows the clothes they have in right now, it makes browsing so much easier! 

Top Row (left to right) 
I love this scarf. I love how there are two designs on it, and how these clashing patterns just work. This would look gorgeous with a long sleeve tee and jeans, to spruce up the look. 

It excited me so much when I saw that Primark are stocking their Christmas jumpers! I love Christmas, if it was socially acceptable to be festive now, I would be well up for that. I have had my Christmas jumper for two years now, and being a Christmas junkie, I have gotten a lot of wear from it! Therefore I feel like this year I should treat myself to a new one, right? 

I saw this cushion in store and thought it was so cute! Again, it is mildly Christmas related, but I saw this and instantly thought how good it would look on my bed when I get my blue Christmas blanket out. Obviously that won't be for a while, but I figured I should include it so I don't forget. And I love Christmas. Christmas 5ever. 

Bottom Row (left to right)
I am not a massive Frozen fan, I mean I like it well enough but I'm not full on obsessed. However I have  always wanted a pair of fleecy pyjamas to lounge around in, and these looked the cutest out of the ones online.

Layered necklaces are right up my street. They always seem to be pretty expensive, and this set is only £4!  It would go with so many pieces in my wardrobe, I really need to pop into Primark and purchase it. 

As I have mentioned above, I do have a Christmas blanket that goes on my bed at (guess what time of year) Christmas. The nights are getting pretty cold right now so I really need a blanket, but I don't want to use my Christmas one. I felt this grey throw in store the other day and guys, you NEED to feel this! It is so soft and fluffy! It is £15, which is more expensive for Primark, but it did feel lush. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post. Whats on your Primark Wishlist? 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Boots Christmas Gift Guide Picks

I love Christmas. I know, it is still October, however all the shops have been releasing their Christmas collections lately, and I just had to comment on how GORGEOUS the Boots collection is. Every year is better than the last when it comes to the Boots Christmas Range. I tweeted out about it (my twitter is @itsphoebejane) and Boots actually replied to me! Much excite. Anyways, here are my top picks from the boots Christmas gift guide 2015. 

 Firstly, I picked out this amazing Starbucks Cocoa Duo! I recieved this for christmas last year and let me tell you, the quality of the two drinks is brill. This would be perfect for anyone who is obsessed with Starbucks or just likes their hot drinks around the Christmas season. This is out of stock online, but you can purchase it  in Boots for £16.50. 
 I love candles. I think they are perfect for the autumn and winter. This Yankee Candle set is only £15.99, and would make such a cute present! The scents in this set are so cozy, go and smell some of the yankee candles they have in boots, they are lovely.  Purchase it here.


 I love Soap and Glory, and this set has everything you would need from the brand, in terms of body products. Plus it comes with fuzzy socks, what a bonus! In my opinion, Soap and Glory have really nailed body products, they appeal to all women and are a reasonable price. Get this set here.
 In the Christmas catalogue, there were so many gorgeous high end perfumes. I may be mistaken, but I couldn't see this YSL Black Opium in there. However as this is one of the best perfume scents around, I had to include it! On the boots website there  are various versions of this perfume, including gift sets, which I think are perfect for Christmas. Please go smell this, it is amazing! Purchase it here.
 Liz Earle is one of those skincare brands that just always works. The Cleanse and Polish is a life saver for me, and the only thing better than the original version is a Christmas Version! Purchase it here.
 If I am completely honest, I could have chosen so many more makeup gifts from Boots! I narrowed it down to my top top picks, and this Benefit set had to be included. for £29.50, you get 4 blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, a mini eyeliner and a mini mascara. I asked for this last year and didn't get it because it sold out so quickly! Snap this one up as soon as you can, because once it's gone, it really is gone. Purchase it here.
 Hey look, another Christmas gift from Soap and Glory! They have really stepped up their game this year, and I am not complaining. This palette would be perfect for anyone who loves the brand and is looking for such a versatile product. You could create neutral daytime looks, to smokey looks. Get your hands on this one here.

 Finally, the minis. I love how cute these are, and they all make such good stocking stuffers. This soap and glory mini is packaged in a cute Christmas cracker, and it is only £6. 
 This Ted Baker mini comes with a Body Soufle, which looks perfect as part of a secret santa gift perhaps? Did I mention this is only £4? Such good value. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, whether it be for your Christmas Wishlist, or for ideas for other people. In addition, boots always have 3 for 2 on their gifts, so it makes buying for others easier and cheaper! Yay Boots. 

p.s I'm sorry for talking about Christmas so early, but you might find this helpful now, or nearer to Christmas. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Halloween Party Makeup Idea: Sultry Cat

I know, I know. Cat makeup looks are all over youtube. However, in previous years on this blog I have done more scary halloween tutorials (they are admittedly cringey but ah well) and this year I really wanted to do a more sultry look for you all. Not going to lie, I'm so proud of the makeup look (except the cat whiskers) so I hope you enjoy reading how to do it. 

Firstly, I primed my eyelids and used one of those post it notes to create a crisp edge (and a killer wing) 
I am going to be using a lot of the Benefit Smokin Eyes palette. I first took the grey colour, and blended it into my crease and only the edge of the post it note. To deepen the look, I did the same with this grey colour from The Body Shop Brow and Liner Duo. 

I then went on to apply toasted from the Naked palette in the centre of my lid. I next applied the black from the Benefit palette (mentioned above) like how I would apply winged liner, except the wing will be much longer! I then blended this colour in with the grey from the same palette. 

I then re applied the black eyeshadow in the same way, but I didn't blend it out this time. We blended it out the first time for added intensity. I then removed the post it note, and using the crisp edge as a guideline, I created a long black wing using my Supercat liner by soap and glory. It's really important to make sure this is precise, so a felt tip liner really helps. I elongated this line into my inner corner too. 

I then left the eyes for a while, and did my usual concealer and powder routine. I then contoured my face using the Nyx Wonderstick (which, by the way, is awesome) under my cheekbones and extended the line to my chin and really blended this out. For the look we want a really angular face, which I am not naturally blessed with, so don't be afraid to amp up the contour. It is halloween after all. I then used the Benetint cheek stain for a cute colour, and I highlighted my face using the Balm's Mary-Louminizer. I then went back to my eyes and applied this Barry M glitter dust to my inner corners for extra sparkle. 
 (Apologies for the cringey facial expression!) 

The next step was to fill in my brows (I would fill them in a bit more than you usually would for added drama) and retouch up on the eye makeup. I added a bit more of 'Hustle' to the centre of the lid and neatened up my winged liner. I then applied the kohl eyeliner from the benefit palette to my tightline and waterline, which I think really added to the look. I finally curled my lashes and applied my Rimmel WonderFull mascara quite thickly to my top and bottom lashes. 
As you can see, I attempted cat whiskers, however they are pretty shocking because I went straight in with liquid liner, and mine was drying out. I would recommend going in with a kohl liner first! 

Looking back, I quite like the look without the deep lips, but as it is halloween, you have to go all out! I lined the outer corners of my lips with a kohl liner, then applied the Kate Moss 107 lipstick on the top. I then used the black shadow from the Benefit palette to mattify the lips and darken it further. Then I popped on some cat ears and we're done! 

 I really hope you enjoyed this look, if you have any questions let me know. I don't tend to do full on tutorials anymore just because it is pretty difficult trying to explain a whole makeup look in a post! If you like them, I woud love to know. Or if you have any post requests in general, that would be fab.
Happy Halloween!