Friday, 23 October 2015

Primark Autumn Wishlist

I love Primark. It is so affordable, and there is so much choice! Admittedly, going in on a Saturday afternoon to Primark is pretty hectic, but now their website shows the clothes they have in right now, it makes browsing so much easier! 

Top Row (left to right) 
I love this scarf. I love how there are two designs on it, and how these clashing patterns just work. This would look gorgeous with a long sleeve tee and jeans, to spruce up the look. 

It excited me so much when I saw that Primark are stocking their Christmas jumpers! I love Christmas, if it was socially acceptable to be festive now, I would be well up for that. I have had my Christmas jumper for two years now, and being a Christmas junkie, I have gotten a lot of wear from it! Therefore I feel like this year I should treat myself to a new one, right? 

I saw this cushion in store and thought it was so cute! Again, it is mildly Christmas related, but I saw this and instantly thought how good it would look on my bed when I get my blue Christmas blanket out. Obviously that won't be for a while, but I figured I should include it so I don't forget. And I love Christmas. Christmas 5ever. 

Bottom Row (left to right)
I am not a massive Frozen fan, I mean I like it well enough but I'm not full on obsessed. However I have  always wanted a pair of fleecy pyjamas to lounge around in, and these looked the cutest out of the ones online.

Layered necklaces are right up my street. They always seem to be pretty expensive, and this set is only £4!  It would go with so many pieces in my wardrobe, I really need to pop into Primark and purchase it. 

As I have mentioned above, I do have a Christmas blanket that goes on my bed at (guess what time of year) Christmas. The nights are getting pretty cold right now so I really need a blanket, but I don't want to use my Christmas one. I felt this grey throw in store the other day and guys, you NEED to feel this! It is so soft and fluffy! It is £15, which is more expensive for Primark, but it did feel lush. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post. Whats on your Primark Wishlist? 


  1. I love Primark's winter stuff, it's so cute! That pillow and jumper are just the cutest things ever! I am going next week to start my xmas shopping, Primark I am coming to you first x

    1. Yes, their winter stuff is the best! I hope you find some great stuff xo


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