Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How I do Winged Liner

Ah, winged liner. It really is a constant struggle, and despite the fact I have made this post, I still get it wrong sometimes. I thought I would show you how I do my liner for different occasions, and tips to get the perfect wing.
Firstly, the liner that I use is so important for getting it right. I love my Body Shop Skinny Thin Felt Liner. I personally find felt tips easy to use, yet most of them are either literally like a felt tip pen, or so long and thin that whatever you do, the eyeliner looks shaky. This one however, is perfect.
 The tip is skinny enough to get a fine line, and the nib is also quite short, making it easy to use. It stays on for a long time, but I do think other eyeliners can stay on longer than this one. Nonetheless, if you want to make winged liner easy, pick this up. 

For my day winged liner, I want a subtle, thin flick. To achieve this, I look downwards to make sure there is no creases on my eyelid, and make a small mark diagonally above my outer corner, if that makes sense. Don't make it too far out, because then it is more likely your wings will look uneven, as the flicks are longer. Then I connect this mark to my outer corner. After that, I draw a thin line along my upper lash line. Finally, I connect the two lines (the one on my lashline and the flick itself) and neaten it all up. To make the wings even, I like to do each eye in steps. To explain that, I will make the mark on my left eye, and then on my right eye, and at each stage I make sure they are even. If you do one eye completely, it is so hard to get the other eye identical! Another thing I do at the end is line the outer corner of my tightline and waterline. Winged eyeliner is technically an extention of the lower lashline, so lining the waterline and tightline with a pencil helps with this. 

Next, onto my nightime version. 
I am using the same felt liner. Usually I do this version when I want winged liner to compliment my eyeshadow look, for example in my HALLOWEEN CAT MAKEUP. This works well if you start your eyemakeup first, then do your base, but it doesn't matter.
Firstly, I use a post it note to create a guideline for my wing. When you do this make sure your eyelid has no creases in it, and get it as close to your outer corner as possible! Repeat this step on the other eye, to make sure the angles of the wings are even. 
Then, I draw a line from the post it note down to the outer corner on both eyes. I continue this along the outer part of my lashline. 
Next, I take off the post it note and clean up the edges and really connect the wing to my lashline. 
Finally, I continue the line all the way along my lashline to complete the eyeliner. 

If you want this to be thicker and even more dramatic, a thicker pen would be great, or connect the liner to your lashline in a triangular formation (so one 'side' of the triangle is the post it note, the other is your lashline and the final line connects the two, then fill in the triangle) 

It is less important with this technique that you do each step on each eye as you go along, but it will help. You 100% have to do the first step of lining up the post it note together though! To make the wing look more like an extention of the lower lashline, I lined my waterline and tightline, like I did with the day look. 

Final tip, as all this black eyeliner can be dark, be sure to highlight the inner corners of your eyes! 

Hope you enjoyed this and that it all made sense haha. I would love to know your technique for winged eyeliner, or if my ideas worked for you! 


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