Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Best Night Of My Life?!?!?

I adore Imagine Dragons. They are my all time favourite band, and they were one of the first bands that really got me into music, and my music taste. So, back in January, when the oppourtunity to get tickets for their concert in November came around, I jumped at the chance. I got tickets for myself and 3 friends, and since January we had been counting down the days. 

I had never been to a concert before this one. I was so pleased that my all time favourite band would be my first concert. I stil cannot get over how cool it is that I saw them live! Technically, I was in the same room as them. Admittedly, the o2 is MASSIVE, but that's a minor detail haha. 

When Thursday the 5th November rolled around, I was ecstatic. I could not believe we were actually going! It seemed so surreal, especially as we had booked this nearly a year ago. There was also the sad fact that after tonight, all this counting down would be over. I was apprehensive that they would cancel, or not perform well, but obviously this didn't happen. 

The atmosphere at the 02 that night was amazing. Everyone was there to see Imagine Dragons! What particularly struck me was the vast range of people there. At a One Direction concert, I can imagine the whole arena would be teen girls. At Imagine Dragons, there were girls, boys, young adults, parents, the lot. I think it was great to be around so many people who enjoyed the same music, yet they were so different from myself. 

The support act was Sunset Sons. We didn't stay around for much of their set, though I wish we did because I have listened to their songs since and really liked them! At this point we went to get some food (those chips were much needed) and our merch. I'm currently writing this post wearing my Imagine Dragons top! Then, we heard the much anticipated anouncement; '5 minutes until the performance begins' 

We took our seats, and they were really good seats. Admittedly we were standing for the whole concert, but the designated standing area looked packed, so I'm glad we had room. The concert started very simply. They walked on stage, and they began. I loved how the concert focused on the music. There was no fancy set, so it was very raw. I also liked how they played songs from their old album, which is my favourite. Highlights of the concert would have to be 'Radioactive', 'I'm So Sorry', and 'Demons'. They even dedicated a song to the Syrian refugees (you can buy the song on Itunes and the proceeds go to refugee camps) which was a very special moment. Also Dan came into the audience at one point, which was very exciting and sweet. 

Overal, the night was everything I wanted it to be and more. I was very tired the next day, but it was worth it. If I'm honest I'm still pretty upset it's over, I'm not sure when I will get over it! 

What bands do you want to see live? 

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