Sunday, 20 December 2015

Everyday Winter Makeup Routine

Missed my previous Christmas posts?

As I recently did a very full on eye makeup look (linked above) I thought I would show you my everyday look. It is a really pretty look perfect all year round, but particularly in winter. I love the eye look, it really opens up my eyes! 

I personally don't wear foundation, as I feel it makes me look cakey, yet I still need concealer on top to cover up my spots. It seems like a pointless extra layer, but that's just me. Anyways my base usually consists of primer, concealer under the eyes and on spots, the powder all over the face. I always press in my concealer instead of rubbing it around as it gives a better coverage, and you can use less. But i do blend the edges of it.

For my brows I fill them in with the brow  colour from this duo. It is a tad top dark so I use it sparingly, so my brows still look natural. I set them with this brow mascara (which has very little product, it is now more of a comb) 

For cheeks, I contour below my cheekbones using my Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I then sharpen this line using the highlighter below the contour. To blend it together, I use my bourjois bronzer to combine the two and I bring this up to my temples. 
For blush, I use te benefit Rockateur Blush. I love this as it has a subtle sheen so it is a great way to add some highlight as well as blush. I love using my mac 187 brush because it picks up a small amount of product, and I don't like loads and loads of blush.

I generally alternate between this eye look or just a wing (you can see my tutorial here)  but for this look I applied a brown shade in my crease (I mixed Naked and Buck from the naked palette), a shimmery shade on the lid (The Balm Mary Louminizer) and a black eyeshadow along my lashline. I then curled my lashes, applied a black eyeliner pencil onto the outer half my waterline and a white eyeliner in the inner corners. Finally I put on mascara and that's the look. 

For lips I went for a subtle Christmas look and used a red lipgloss by 17. It doesn't come out really red so it is a great daytime look.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I am really enjoying writing makeup posts at the moment, if you have any post requests let me know! Also I would really love 160 followers before Christmas! We are 9 away, so go follow the blog on BlogLovin.

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