Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Festive Holiday Golden Smokey Eye

Before I begin, I would like to apologise in advance if I don't explain things very well! I love this golden look, with red lips this would be perfect for a holiday party, or if it is muted down slightly it could be perfect for Christmas Day. If you recreate the look, please TWEET me and show me!

Before I started, I primed my eyes using a maybelline colour tatoo in creamy beige. It reminds me of the Urban Decay primer potion in Eden, it really helps your eyeshadows pop. I also applied some sticky tabs to create a crisp edge. 

Firstly, I applied the grey colour from this body shop brow and liner duo along the edge of the tab and blended it into the crease. This colour will be vital for blending the whole look together. Next, I applied maybelline Colour Tatoo in On and On Bronze to my lid. This will really bring out all the gold shadows. 

Next I am applying two gold colours to my lid, these are Spontaneous by stila and Half Baked by Urban Decay. I basically layer these and blend with the grey. Then for extra impact, I am adding a black eyeshadow to the outer corner of my crease. 

Next I repeat the layering and blending steps with the golds, grey and black. To add more dimension and highlight, I applied The Balm Mary Louminizer to the inner third of my eye. Then I removed the tabs to finish the eyeshadow look! 

Next we need to balance out the lower lashline. Going from the outer corner to the inner corner, I applied the black, the grey, either gold and then the highlighter. I blended these all together to make it look smooth. To make the edge where the tab had been covering a bit more smokey, I blended the black upwards along this line. 

The beauty of using the tabs as a guide for eyeshadow means that there is a clear guideline to create a wing. I am using the L'Oreal Super Liner, which I love. This liner goes right into the inner corner. You can make this wing as long and as thick as you like.

Then we curl our lashes and I applied the Benefit Smokin liner along my tightline and the outer half of my waterline. I then used the Rimmel white eyeliner on my inner corner and the inner third of my waterline. Then I applied many coats of mascara to my upper and lower lashes. I think false lashes would complete this look, but I skipped them for this look.

And here is the finished look! If you have any questions about it, let me know.

I love this look so much, it is so perfect for Christmas! Have you been to any Christmas parties? 

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